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Tuesday, December 18

18th Dec - US Open: Cliff Solution

Talk that the fiscal cliff talks are nearing some sort of solution...

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Roundups & Commentary
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Daily press summary – Open Europe
  David Cameron admits exit from the EU is “imaginable”

Morning MarketBeat: Treasurys Can’t Lose, For Now – WSJ
Broker Note Briefing – WSJ
A Few Developments Augment Holiday Mood – Marc to Market

US session ahead
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Cyprus: The Dog that Didn't Bite...YetMarc to Market

In a time of scarce public money, Europe’s centre-left parties now face a growing resistance to redistributive policieseuropp / LSE

EU summitry - a useful evileuobserver
It's easy to be exasperated by the EU's seemingly endless capacity to have summits. But there is some method to the madness.

Merkel: 'loves' Europe, insists on 'homework'euobserver
German Chancellor Merkel has declared her love for Europe, but warned that more "homework" is needed to fix the eurozone.

Irish EU presidency outlines post-crisis agendaeuobserver
The incoming Irish EU presidency says it will focus on jobs and growth in the next six months, echoing claims the sovereign debt part of the euro crisis has ended.

Draghi says EU bank union to break 'vicious' circleeuobserver
The EU's new banking union will break the link between banks and public debt, ECB chief Mario Draghi, has told MEPs.

The January effect in European equitiesalphaville / FT

When will the Fed hike rates?Nordea (pdf)
We are increasingly sceptical of the Fed’s indications that it will keep the funds rate near zero for almost three more years. Based on fairly neutral assumptions for labour force growth the unemployment rate will hit the Fed’s new 6.5% threshold already in May 2014,

Charting US Debt And Deficit Since InceptionZH

Japan’s NO EXIT StrategyTestosterone Pit

Morning Briefing (EU/US)BNY Mellon
The Euro-area has managed to make it through 2012 without falling at any of the substantial hurdles along the way. How does the situation look going into 2013?

Five big events that shaped the past yearColumnists / FT
Crises in Europe and the Middle East still dominate headlines

A European Gem: “De-Greeking” CokeView from the Blue Ridge
It has become increasingly difficult to ignore the massive valuation discrepancies across the pond. On GMO estimates, international and emerging market equities are priced to deliver 4.8% and 6.3% real returns over the next decade while US markets provide investors with next to nothing.

Outrageous Predictions 2013: Extreme complacencySaxo Bank
or direct pdf

(audio) BizDaily: Central Bankers Take Centre-stageBBC (mp3)
Central bankers appear increasingly to be seizing the reins of economic power these days, as the politicians throw up their arms and say - you fix it. Ben Bernanke is setting Federal Reserve interest rates for years in advance, and when the ECB's Mario Draghi says he'll do "whatever it takes to save the euro", people believe him. But is the shift from the politicians to the central bankers really a good thing?

Even wealthy countries can suffer creditworthiness-threatening crisesalphaville / FT
Moody’s announced on Tuesday that it’s reviewing its sovereign credit ratings methodology, and seeking comment from industry participants.

Moody’s Gets No Respect as Bonds Shun 56% of Country RatingsBB

Kilpailukyky ei ole vielä katastrofaalinen, mutta varaa heikkenemiseen ei enää oleNordea

Valtiontalous yhä pahemmin kurallaeuroetana

Ylipaisunut julkinen sektori painaa Suomen suohonOlli Immonen / US Puheenvuoro

Totuuslääke keksitty!? Arto Luukkanen / US Puheenvuoro

Vaikeuksien kautta nousuun: Suomi kasvuun vasta 2014Danske Bank (pdf)
Danske Bank: Suomen talous nousuun vasta 2014TalSa

Torkkupeiton alta huuteluaKaleva
Ylijohtaja Juhana Vartiaisen työelämälausunnot torkkupeiton alta alkavat ärsyttää. Räväkkyys herkässä tilanteessa lietsoo vastakkainasettelua ja nakertaa tutkijan uskottavuutta.

Pääkirjoitus: EK:n joulusiivous ulottui johtajiinkinIS
Työväenliikettä on väitetty työnantajista pahimmaksi, mutta työnantajajärjestökään ei ole siitä leppoisimmasta päästä, jos asiaa näinä aikoina Mikko Pukkiselta tai Jukka Ahtelalta kysyy.

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