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Tuesday, April 11

11th Apr - USDJPY plunges, stocks do V

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Paul Krugman: Europe Has Problems, But Le Pen Is Not The Answer – NYT

The Importance of Yellen's Comments –
Marc Chandler

Austerity in the aftermath of the Great Recession – vox

Morning Report APACTF
Asian markets are mixed today.| The robust energy sector has helped support equities while global geopolitical tensions are weighing on investor sentiment. Gold could make gains on any spike in uncertainty.

FirstFT FT
Retail Sales Slide, Yellen Signals Policy Shift, Advertisers Feel the Pinch

Retail Sales Slide, Yellen Signals Policy Shift, Advertisers Feel the Pinch

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Swedish inflation set to fall * Yellen pushed UST yields lower * NOK buoyed by inflation, SEK weaker on consumption but lookout for inflation today

Morning MarketsTF
The combination of tensions surrounding both North Korea and Syria have investors seeking safe-havens as the CBOE volatility index spikes to 2017 highs.|

From the FloorTF
A spike in worries about the upcoming French presidential election has caused France's yield spread to Germany to widen once again as the first-round April 23 ballot draws near. The French election worries are just one aspect of heightened geopolitical concerns that have hit markets recently. Meanwhile, a speech by US Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen provided no new direction.

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
Dollar Pushed Lower in Subdued Activity

Brussels PlaybookPolitico

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

10 things you need to know before the opening bellBI

Safe Havens Rise As Jittery Investors Eye Rising Geopolitical Concerns


FX UpdateTF
The US dollar’s attempt to steal the focus Friday has faded a bit as anxiety on the outcome of France’s presidential election intensifies and weighs on the euro.|
EURJPY has broken down through the 200-day moving average.

Sukupolvien tuloerot myrkyllinen yhtälö – Suomi matkalla kohti konkurssia – TS