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Wednesday, June 7

7th Jun - Super-Thursday risks fading

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UK elections: Theresa May win would be GBP positive – Danske Bank
Brexit will shave 7.5% from U.K. GDP, a no-deal Brexit even more – BB
If U.S. and Turkey continue straining NATO ties, Europe wants an alternative ready – BB
Finland Research: Economy at full speed towards potential – Danske Bank 
Banco Popular wiped out in Santander sale – ABN AMRO
Spain's Banco Popular Bailed In, Acquired By Santander For €1.00 – ZH
Failing Bank Resolution Done Right – Forbes

Mohamed El Erian: ECB Will Do This Week – BB
ECB: Small yet important changes tomorrow – Nordea
ECB Still Behind the Fed Even With Euro Area Outpacing U.S. – BB
ECB Critic Holds His Tongue as Race Nears for Bank’s Top Job – WSJ
Euro Tumbles On Reports ECB Will Cut Inflation Forecasts – ZH
Euro Spikes As Headline-Reading Algos Go Wild Ahead Of ECB – ZH

Fed Just Sort Of Confident About Full Employment – Tim Duy
Comey Testimony: The Big Questions and the Biggest Question – BB

How Currency Experts Will Ride Thursday's Forex Rollercoaster – BB

Morning Report APACTF
Gold rose to a six-month high and the US dollar fell 1% against the yen as investors focused on risk aversion.

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
UK election looms, heads roll at Uber, Sweden’s Museum of Failure

Economic Chasm Will Shape U.K. Election, Santander Buys Banco Popular

Danske DailyDanske Bank

US job openings, rallying bonds, cooling Norwegian house prices * US job openings hit a series high * Chinese central bank to start buying USTs again? * USD/JPY continues to sink

Morning MarketsTF
US assets weakened Tuesday as investors reduced their hopes for economy-boosting reforms from the Trump administration. Asian shares meanwhile largely managed to stay green while Australian GDP data came out in line with expectations.

From the FloorTF
Britain's Conservative party could be headed for a weak majority in Thursday's general election as prime minister Theresa May has run a "terrible campaign", says Saxo Bank's chief economist Steen Jakobsen. Thursday's calendar offers a triple whammy of risk, with the UK election, an ECB meeting and testimony by the former FBI chief to a US Senate committee.

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Markets Mark Time Ahead of Tomorrow

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
May’s security play — Mariya Gabriel under fire

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

10 things you need to know before the opening bellBI

US Open ZH
Futures Flat, Market Anxiety Eased By European Bank Rescue


FX UpdateTF
AUDUSD pulled to new highs and around the 200-day moving average after a soft Q1 GDP number was not quite as weak as expected. Elsewhere the yen remains bid on lower bond yields and ahead of a trio of big event risks for tomorrow.

Tyyntä torstain edellä * Osakemarkkinat hienoisessa laskussa ennen torstaita * Dollari-indeksi seitsemän kuukauden pohjalukemissaan * Norjan asuntomarkkinat viilenevät