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Thursday, August 10

10th Aug - North Korea brought bear

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Morning Report APACTF
Donald Trump's use of strong language over North Korea sparked a risk-off tone to trading on Wall St yesterday. But that abated somewhat following more measured comments from the Secretary of State.

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
Guam strike plan, Snap results, the billionaire space race

European Stocks Face Headwinds, U.S. Dials Back Korea Rhetoric, Glencore Back in Profit

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Risk-off due to North Korea, focus on NOK inflation * Lower core rates * EUR/CHF drops like a stone

Morning MarketsTF
Asian equities slipped on Thursday though fears of a conflict between the US and North Korea went off their intense boil after a flare-up in which the two sides exchanged stern warnings. US officials sought on Wednesday to ease tensions after president Donald Trump warned North Korea that threats to the US would be met with 'fire and fury'.

From the FloorTF
Precious metals prices have risen, with gold hitting an eight-week high, as fears of a conflict between the US and North Korea linger despite US officials' efforts to downplay the war of words between president Donald Trump and the North Korean regime.

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Tensions Remain Elevated, Dollar Firms

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
UK launches Brexit charm offensive — Egg blame game continues

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

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World Markets Slide Spooked By Latest N.Korea Statement; Dollar, Gold, Oil Jump
FX UpdateTF
The market tried to brush aside the latest bout of rhetorical exchanges over North Korea but has stumbled again keeping the Japanese yen elevated and the US dollar relatively strong elsewhere. The kiwi was smashed lower overnight as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand made explicit noises on a move toward intervention if it doesn't get a needed lowering of the exchange rate.

Suurimmat osake-indeksit laskussa * Norjassa ja Tanskassa julkaistaan heinäkuun inflaatiolukuja * Korot laskussa Yhdysvaltain ja Pohjois-Korean suhteiden kiristymisen seurauksena

Pohjois-Korean yllättävät talousrakenteet lisäävät epävakautta – Nordea
Tuottavuus suhdanneluonteisesti nousussa – Roger Wessman