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Friday, December 8

8th Dec - Plenty of good news, but rally stalls

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Brexit Breakthrough Struck as Path Cleared for Tough Trade TalksBB
May reaches deal on Irish border with DUP, Ireland’s Varadkar * European officials warn that the hardest part lies ahead

Eurozone reform: Where’s the big breakthrough?ING
The European Commission just released its latest Eurozone reform proposals. A first glance, we think hardly anything will change

Bank Relief Breathes New Life Into Europe's Lagging Stock MarketBB
Buoyed by speculation that new capital rules will free up more cash than expected for dividends, banks on the Stoxx Europe 600 Index rose 3 percent

Banks Emerge Winners From Final Post-Crisis Capital RulesBB
Basel III agreement completes post-crisis regulatory framework * Draghi says ‘difficult’ implemention of rules will now begin

ECB Preview - On autopilot for nowDanske Bank
We expect no changes to policy stance. Policymakers will put off any substantial discussion until well into 2018.

FOMC preview Danske Bank
Third hike and unchanged dot signals

November Payrolls Jump 228K, Beat Expectations But Wage Growth Disappoints – ZH
November Jobs Report – The Numbers – WSJ
Strong U.S. job growth, rebound in wages bolster economy's outlook – Reuters
U.S. Payrolls Rise 228,000 While Wages Gain Less Than Forecast – BB
US Hourly Earnings Disappoint, but Continue to Surpass CPI – Marc Chandler

Global Banks Have Billions at Risk as Steinhoff Scandal DeepensBB
Citigroup, HSBC, BNP, FirstRand are some of the banks involved * Maximum exposure may be $21 billion, according to accounts

Goldman, BlackRock, and Blackstone: Will They Still Rule Wall Street in 10 Years?BB
The three titans face different challenges in keeping their reign alive.

Short AussieKevin Muir
Australia has a great housing bubble, has gone over 25 years without a recession, main trading partner China is tapping on the brakes. Chances of an accident are increasing.

Financial System Stability Assessment  China – IMF
Improving Financial Stability in China – IMF
IMF: China's growth objectives clash with financial stability goal –  Reuters
China's Banks Need More Capital After Credit Boom, IMF Says – BB
IMF Stress Tests Find $280 Billion Black Hole In Chinese Banks' Capital – ZH

The Premature Demonization of Stock RepurchasesSSRN
The popular press is replete with commentary seeking to damn the behavior of corporate managers in handing free cash flow back into the hands of shareholders. These criticisms are often, even regularly, without merit (at least merit that can be demonstrated), sometimes glaringly so. Aggregate share repurchase activity has not been at historical highs when measured properly, and when netted against debt issuance is almost a non-event, does not mechanically create earnings (EPS) growth, does not stifle aggregate investment activity, and has not been the primary cause for recent stock market strength. These myths should be discarded.

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
Brexit’s long night, art world gone mad, United States of Europe

Markets Cheer Brexit Divorce Deal, Confronting The Brutal Trade-offs, German Coalition Talks Back on

“Best of the web” daily chartsLukas Daalder

Danske Daily Danske Bank

US House passes spending bill in bid to avoid government shutdown * UST yields rise on possible Trump infrastructure plan in January * GBP surges on reports that UK and Ireland are close to a Brexit border deal

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Brexit Talks Move to Stage II, While Greenback Remains Firm

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
New Brexit talks hope —  New Polish PM — South American trade deal near

US Futures, Global Shares, Dollar All Jump On Brexit, Basel News, Averted US Shutdown; Payrolls Loom

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