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Thursday, April 26

26th Apr - Careful ECB

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Ashoka Mody: The myth of Franco-German friendshipvoxeu
Since Emmanuel Macron’s election as French president in May 2017, hope has lingered that a mythical friendship between France and Germany will help complete the gaps in the euro area architecture. As this column discusses, however, history provides no basis for such an expectation. National interests, always central to the decision calculus, have diverged even further. French leaders have a pressing task at hand: they need to rejuvenate their own economy and build domestic social cohesion. This may take a generation or more.

Deepening EMU requires a coherent and well-sequenced packagevoxeu
The debate on deepening EMU is entering a critical stage. This column, contributing to VoxEU's Euro Area Reform debate argues that while the proposals in a recent CEPR Policy Insight are both timely and attractive, the mix seems unbalanced and carries significant risks. The focus of the proposals on reducing fiscal risks could lead to financial distress, ultimately requiring more, not fewer, rescues.

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Dean Curnutt: Markets Today Have Much in Common With 2007BB
In their benign, pre-crisis economic assessment, policy makers failed to appreciate the fragility imposed by asset prices.

Noah Smith: The Myth That Markets Get Prices Right Won’t DieBB
All that irrational human behavior gets in the way.

Deutsche Bank: Disastrous Results, Retreats From US Investment BankingZH

Macron and Trump Can Team Up on TradeBB
Unusually, the leaders of the two countries have more common ground than it appears.

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Facebook’s good day, Macron’s bold speech, Ireland’s abortion battle

Deutsche Bank Announces Major Overhaul, Barclays Posts Loss, Investors Eye ECB,

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Aamukatsaus Nordea
Emme odota EKP:n tämän päivän kokoukselta suuria yllätyksiä | Myös Riksbank kokoustaa tänään | USA:n 10-vuotinen korko puhkaisi 3 prosentin rajapyykin