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Tuesday, December 27

27th Dec - Bloated

Hello, happy Mondays Tuesday! (I ate too much and can't think straight) Italy’s bond yields went above 7%, the show is still on and nobody is leaving the theater any time soon.

I previously posted my Weekender week in review and –ahead with some background reading, and Holiday Readings and Best of The Week. You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook and email me for suggestions and requests.  

News (Tue morning) – BTH
Daily – Danske (pdf)
FX option vols – Saxo
Markets Live – alphaville / FT
Debt crisis: live – The Telegraph
Europe Crisis Tracker – WSJ

European Bond Issuance In January Is About To Get Very BumpyZH
UBS’s research: we expect January to remain the busiest month despite a EUR 5bn reduction in bond redemptions from EUR 63bn in the first month of 2011 to EUR 58bn expected for January 2012. Consequently, net issuance in January is expected to be particularly heavy at EUR 24bn vs. EUR 22bn in 2011.

Italy Braces Itself For The Full MontiA Fistful of Euros
The Italian government, Mario Monti informed the country’s parliament last Thursday, is now planning to concentrate its attentions on achieving economic growth.

How Did Euroland Get Into Such A Mess?Credit Writedowns
First, like most Western countries, private sector debts blew up in many Euroland countries after the financial system was de-regulated and de-supervised. To label this a sovereign debt problem is quite misleading.

Dear Mario XmasEconoMonitor
Wish list for Italy’s premier.

Perspectives - Special edition 2012Pictet

The correction in China's property markets and the government's plan to address itSober Look
But it's unclear just how severe the downturn will turn out to be and the support for the economy would only be possible if social unrest does not become a problem. 2012 will be a decisive year for China and many of its trading partners.

Why is finance so complex?Interfluidity
Finance has always been complex. More precisely it has always been opaque, and complexity is a means of rationalizing opacity in societies that pretend to transparency.

Best of FiveBooks on ScienceThe Browser