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Wednesday, December 28

28th Dec - Writer's Block

Somehow I feel there will be changes to this.

Again very little material, as the holiday period rumbles on. Most blogs and major media outlets (alphaville, etc) are away and back after this sorry excuse of an year is over.

News (Wed morning) – BTH
Daily (28-Dec) – Danske (pdf)
Preview (28-Dec) – Saxo

FX option vols – Saxo
Markets Live – alphaville / FT
Debt crisis: live – The Telegraph
Europe Crisis Tracker – WSJ

ECB Deposits Jump 10% More To Record EUR452BNZH
…since LTRO day, EUR187 billion of the 210 billion free money has been redeposited at the ECB.

2012 - Things that will happenBruce Krasting
predictions from wild & outrageous to common sense & inevitable

A Doomsday View of 2012James Petras
All indications point to 2012 being a turning point year of unrelenting economic crises spreading outward from Europe and the US to Asia and its dependencies in Africa and Latin America.

Václav Havel's Funeral: Why Truth Needs LoveReason