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Friday, March 17

17th Mar - Quiet

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EU-Turkey migrant deal in peril – Politico
Common Euro Bonds Can Smoothe ECB's Market Exit – BB

Mohamed El-Erian: Six Things to Know About the Market Reaction to the Fed – BB

Bank of Japan, Swiss National Bank becoming giant hedge funds – TF
Status of US Pivot To Asia – Marc Chandler
Monthly Commodity: Uptrend still alive in 2017 – ABN AMRO
Yield Outlook: Bond sell-off to pause before resuming in the autumn – Danske Bank

Morning Report APAC TF
The Bank of England voted 8 to 1 to keep rates steady pushing GPB higher by about 100 points.

Global CO2 emissions stay flat, GCHQ slams US spying claims and high times for marijuana producers

Diamond Returns to the City, Trump’s Economic Challenge, Investors Bet on Growth

Danske DailyDanske Bank

EUR/USD near 1.08, USD rates under pressure, looking at industrial data today * Norges Bank’s easing bias has strengthened * Transatlantic spread remains subdued after Fed decision * Room for more USD downside as Fed gives green light

Morning MarketsTF
Wednesday's 'dovish hike' from the Federal Reserve placed USD on the back foot but the greenback seems to have found its floor as European bourses look to a softer open.

From the FloorTF
Hawkish remarks from European Central Bank council member Ewald Nowotny sparked gains in the euro and bond yields on Thursday. Asian stock markets were mixed on Friday, and the rally in the S&P500 seemrs to be fading fast. Meanwhile, oil's rally has stumbled at the first hurdle

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Dollar Remains Heavy

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Dutch post-mortem — Brexit, the board game

10 things you need to know before the opening bellBI

Futures Flat, Global Stocks Mixed

Frontrunning ZH

FX Update TF
EURUSD poked higher on hawkish ECB comments late yesterday. Meanwhile Mnuchin has recycled “strong dollar policy” rhetoric of yore ahead of the G20 finance ministers meeting with only minor twists on Trump-inspired comments.

Haukkamaisia näkemyksiä Englannin keskuspankissa * Norjan keskuspankki piti korot odotetusti ennallaan * USA:n ja Saksan 10-vuoden korkojen ero historiallisen leveä * Euroopan osakemarkkinat nousussa Hollannin vaalituloksen jälkeen