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Monday, September 25

25th Sep - German election and Korea

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Draghi Pledges Euro Area Will Get All the ECB Support It NeedsBB
Draghi said the ECB will keep as much stimulus as the euro-area economy needs when policy makers decide to adjust bond-buying program later this year.

5 fronts in the coming eurozone battlePolitico
Efforts to reform the single currency bloc will need to overcome more than Franco-German differences.

Francesco Saraceno: Which German Model for France and Italy?LUISS

The Euro’s innocence. Extract from Martin Sandbu’s bookLUISS

"Forget Germany, Spain Is The Real Problem"ZH

Early Thoughts – Marc Chandler
Merkel Chastised as Far-Right Surge Taints Fourth-Term Win – BB
German Election: snap reaction – Open Europe
Reds Got the Blues? No. – Fistful of euros
German election – a complicated result – Nordea
Merkel’s last term: A Jamaica coalition – Deutsche Bank
Germany’s top party leaders explain the election – Fabius Maximus
Grand coalition still more likely than Jamaica – ABN AMRO
Political fragmentation means Jamaica coalition is the only option – Pictet
Germany’s top party leaders explain the election – Fabius Maximus
The market implications of the German election – BlackRock
Where to now, Germany? – Open Europe

Trump to Get Tax Plan That Targets 20% Corporate Rate – BB
Tax Plan Leaked, Morgan Stanley Skeptical – ZH
What Wall Street Thinks Of Trump's Tax Plan – ZH

Has The Fed Abandoned Its Reaction Function? – Tim Duy

Macro Monday: Reflation and unwinding balance sheets – TF
Estimating Future Stock Returns, June 2017 Update – Aleph Blog
Market Pullbacks Since 2009 & Greenspan 1994 Comparison – Big Trends
Deutsche Bank: "The Fed's 'Transparency' Killed Long-Term Investing" – ZH
Abe Announces Japan Snap Election, Will Face New Challenger – ZH
The End of the Go-Go Years – Ben Carlson
FANG Stocks Plunge Most In 3 Months, AAPL Nears Correction – ZH

You Are Already Living Inside a ComputerThe Atlantic
Futurists predict a rapture of machines, but reality beat them to it by turning computing into a way of life.

Michael Lewis: Jonathan Lebed's Extracurricular Activities
On Sept. 20, 2000, the Securities and Exchange Commission settled its case against a 15-year-old high-school student named Jonathan Lebed.

Morning Report APACTF
Elections held over the weekend in Germany and New Zealand have had an impact on currencies. Uncertainty over who will govern in Wellington could continue to impact the NZ dollar this week. And GBP could react to the resumption of Brexit talks this week.
FirstFT Daily Briefing – FT

Rise of the Right Dents Merkel’s Win, U.K. Business Sentiment Deteriorates

“Best of the web” daily chartsLukas Daalder

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Complicated German election result; inflation week; UK downgrade * German election result – listen to our webinar at 9:30 CEST * Politics boosting the greenback * Will the EMU/US inflation spread continue to converge?

Morning MarketsTF
The euro and the NZD are both under pressure this morning after inconclusive weekend elections in Germany and New Zealand meant the two countries face weeks of negotiations to form new ruling coalitions.
Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
Euro and Kiwi Dragged Lower

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Merkel survives — AfD thrives — UK cabinet divides

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB
Global Stocks Mixed After "Nightmare Victory" For Merkel; Chinese Property Developers Crash


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