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Saturday, September 30

30th Sep - Weekly Support

Here are the links to the weekly roundups, reviews and also previews of the beginning week.

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Weekly Market ReviewZH
Dollar & Stocks Jump; Bonds & Bullion Dump In Lowest Volatility September Ever

U.S. Weekly Fund Flows ReportLipper Alpha
Money Market Funds Attract the Largest Net Flows for the Week

Earnings Insight Sep 29Factset

This Week in Earnings 17Q2 | Sep 29 Lipper Alpha

S&P 500 Earnings Dashboard | Sep 29Lipper Alpha

Stoxx 600 Earnings Outlook | Sep 26Lipper Alpha

EcoWeek BNP Paribas
US treasuries disregard the dots for 2018 * Eastern Europe ahead of the pack

Week Ahead: Catalonia, US jobs, Nordic numbers Nordea
The Catalan referendum will cause headlines on Sunday/Monday. Expect hurricane traces in the US jobs report. In the Nordics, we expect a further drop in Norwegian house prices and strong production numbers from Sweden.

Weekly Focus: Strong economy, low rates Danske Bank
Mon: US ISM * Fri: US jobs

Strategy: Natural rate key to understand central banks Danske Bank
While the Phillips curve theory is important to understanding monetary policy setting in the short run, the natural rate is key to understanding monetary policy setting in the long run * The BoE’s Mark Carney argues that structural factors continue to weigh on the natural rate but that it is increasing everywhere due to the global recovery * While we still expect long-term yields to increase as central banks have turned more hawkish, there is a limit to how high they can move due to the low natural rate.

Global Week AheadScotiabank
Canada: So much potential * US: The Fed sweepstakes * Europe: A high bar to be blown off BoE hike plan * Asia: RBA, RBI, PMI and CPI * LatAm: Looking through inflation risks

Weekly FX Sentiment ReportScotiabank

Weekly Market OutlookMoody’s
Less Fear, More Debt

Macro Weekly: Re-accelerating instead of slowing? ABN AMRO
Eurozone economic sentiment continues its ascent * US regional business confidence indices recover * US core PCE decelerates further * China breaks North Korean coal embargo

Market OutlookMarc Chandler
Greenback's Weekly Technical Condition Suggests Medium-Term Trend has Changed

Macro CommentMarc Chandler
Changing Dynamics

FX weekly: October seasonality is strongNordea
Now the quarter has ended, we usually see strong seasonal patterns kicking in during October. These should be supportive of higher EUR/SEK and narrower EUR/USD XXCY basis in weeks to come. Also Norwegian house prices are not (yet) a problem for NOK.

Weekly SummaryUrban Carmel
The major US indices traded at new all-time highs (ATH) again this week, led by surging small cap stocks. SPX is now higher 6 months in a row and 10 of the past 11 months; that level of momentum has never marked a bull market high. Short-term optimism has reached an extreme that has resulted in a lower weekly close within the next 6 weeks every time over the past 5 years.