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Tuesday, May 15

15th May - Italian rumors

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Italy Defies Gravity and Risk to Fiscal RectitudeMarc Chandler

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Israel tense after killings, a ‘Davos’ for China, US punters rejoice

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Business Investment Soars | Trump Nears a Deal With China | Job Switchers Get the Biggest Raises

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Firm US Rates Underpin Greenback

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Money-laundering action — Italy’s shoes and socks — Europe’s puppets

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Pain Trade Returns: Dollar Spikes, Yields Rise Above 3% As Stocks, Emerging Markets Slide


Aamukatsaus Nordea
Luvassa USA:n vähittäiskaupan myyntitilastot | Tuottavatko Norjan BKT-luvut pettymyksen? | Korot ja öljyn hinta olivat nousussa maanantaina