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Tuesday, October 25

25th Oct - Voight-Kampff interruption

Guide to Euro Crisis, source: New York Times
For today and tomorrow, I am cutting down on blogging as I'm going through psychometric evaluation for a job I would like to have. Some links, but I've omitted the summaries. Maybe an evening post later today, but no morning post on Wed. Good luck! - 'MoreLiver'
News (Mon evening) – BTH
News (Tue morning) – BTH
Danske Daily – Danske Bank (pdf)
FX option vols – Saxo
Markets Live – alphaville FT
Debt crisis: live – The Telegraph
EZ crisis Live blog – The World / FT

China to Europe: Sort yourselves outbeyondbrics / FT

What is Greece’s problem: everything explained in 3 postsWired and Ready

Mystery solved: ECB can’t afford the Greek barber shopLighthouse IM

Hoping that that Minimum is Enough in EuropeThe Street Light
EFSF deal unclear, bank recap at the lower end of range & unclear, politically no common purpose

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow: a vision for EuropeECB
Speech by Trichet

More Bang for the Buck? The EFSF StoryRe-Define
Short post on EFSF. Author sees a bigger role for ECB in all scenarios.

A “bridge to somewhere”: Building a comprehensive strategy for resolving the Eurozone debt
IMF’s Zettelmeyer’s standard roadmap, recap, ensure fiscal responsibility etc. 

The EU PlanMacro Story

EU Weighs Insurance, SPIV Leverage, Needs Rating Agencies to Go Along; German-French Spread at New Record High 1.20%; Fear "of" Reaching a DealMish’s

The Check Is In The MailZH
Peter Tchir: EFSF will not be AAA for long, ECB’s money is just as circular as everyone else’s money – unless they print it.

European "Union"openeuropeblog
Good take on the insults, bad behavior and posturing by our Dear Leaders.

Berlusconi Becomes Euro Zone’s Laughing Stock…AgainThe Source / WSJ

EU Tensions Between Euro-Ins and Euro-OutsThe Source / WSJ
More on the heated arguing

You are neither dumb, nor stupid, Paul… - Kantoos Economics
The problem is how to distinguish a multiple-equilibria situation from cases of genuine one-equilibrium insolvency – especially for countries as the future capacity to repay is not based on assets in a narrow sense but on the expectation of future economic growth.

The Buyback ParadoxThe View from the Blue Ridge
Companies use a larger % of their cash flows during bull markets than during low / declining stock prices.

The dark side in a whole new lightDaily Mail

Margin Call review round-upAbnormal Returns