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Sunday, October 1

1st Oct - Market Overview

US 10-year government bond yield
German 10-year government bond yield
Australian dollar vs Japanese Yen
Crude oil future
Copper future
German DAX-30 stock index future
Euro Stoxx 50-stock index future

Monthly candlesticks: Stock markets bottomed-out in February 2016 after a deep correction. Both oil- and copper prices also bottomed-out at the same time. The connection to bond yield- or foreign exchange rate changes is much less clear.

Weekly candlesticks: Stock markets peaked in June 2017. This time around stock markets reacted negatively to rising copper- and oil prices, but more importantly, to the rising bond yields.

Daily candlesticks: Stock markets bottomed-out around the end of August 2017. Bond yields, USDJPY and crude oil bottomed-out around the same time, but copper prices topped out around the same time.