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Tuesday, June 12

12th Jun - Quiet before Fed & ECB

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Ferdinando Giugliano: Italy and Germany Stop the SnipingBB
New finance ministers have enough sense to seek common ground.

Thomas Piketty: The Transferunion fantasyLe Monde

Martin Sandbu: What fixes does the euro really need?FT
First principles on what a well-tuned monetary union must do

Barry Eichengreen: The Populists’ EuroProject Syndicate
It is not hard to imagine that if Italy's new government proceeds with its ambitious fiscal plans, instituting both a flat tax and a universal basic income, it could blow up the budget deficit. In that case, Italy could quickly find itself out of the eurozone and ring-fenced by capital controls, whether the government intended this or not.

ECB PreviewRANsquawk
Blueprint for winding down PSPP now or in July?

The ECB’s Dashboard: Praet’s pivot pirouette
We expect the ECB to recalibrate its bond-buying programme on Thursday. But it will have to tread carefully  

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

Market Briefing: Daily Markets OverviewYardeni Research

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
Trump-Kim summit, UK’s ‘Bollygarch’ problem, Team Scotch tape

Trump Declares Success at Korean Summit, G-7 Rift Endangers Nafta Talks

WSJ EconomicsWSJ
Is the Labor Market Too Hot? Inflation Too Cold? Will the Fed Get it Just Right?

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
US-Korea Summit Fails to Impress Investors

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Trump meets Kim — Migration is back — Brexit showdown

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

Aamukatsaus – Nordea

Trumpin ja Kimin tapaaminen päättyy tänään | USA:sta saadaan inflaatiolukuja Fedin kokouksen alla | Italian valtiovarainministeri kommentoi Italian olevan sitoutunut euroon, korko laskussa