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Monday, July 2

2nd Jul - Everything "bad" - positive surprises next?

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Viktor Orbán cements place in Europe’s new center rightPolitico
Conservative mainstream is split over Hungarian PM — but numbers are on his side.

Joseph Stiglitz: How to exit the eurozonePolitico
Italy is right to consider leaving the EU’s common currency area.

Will Austria act as the ‘bridge-builder’? ING
On 1 July, Austria took over the six-month rotating presidency of the European Council. Officially, the Austrian focus will be on EU security, competitiveness, and stability but it's an open secret that the main emphasis will be on migration and the protection of the EU's external border

Italy's Salvini Vows To Create Pan-European Association Of Nationalist PartiesZH

The "Doom Loop" Makes A Thunderous Return: Guess Who Just Bought A Record Amount Of Italian BondsZH

Summit "Dealbreaker" Emerges Hours Before EndZH

Eurozone: And it does moveING
In another nightlong meeting, European leaders agreed on an initial deal to shake up immigration rules. The meeting was clearly too energy-consuming to agree on any eurozone reforms

4 takeaways from ‘Mother of All EU Summits’Politico
The migration crisis hogged leaders’ attention at an exhausting — and sometimes frustrating — gathering.

Judgment Day for Merkel's Bloc as Migration Divide HardensBB
Merkel’s CDU and Bavarian CSU to hold last-ditch talks Monday * Merkel coalition’s parliamentary majority hangs in the balance

Merkel faces migration showdown with coalition partnersFT
Interior minister offers to resign and issues ultimatum to German chancellor

As Merkel’s Power Drains, the Threat to Europe GrowsBB
The nativism that has swept much of the continent imperils the German leader and the whole EU project.

Merkel Says She’s Pushing to Avoid Party Breakup Over MigrationBB
German chancellor comments as Bavarian sister party meets * Her fourth-term parliamentary majority hangs in the balance

Merkel Sees Willingness to Defuse Her Coalition ClashBB
Bavarian CSU leader’s offer to resign looms over upheaval * CDU, CSU officials signal opportunity to overcome differences

Mexico's Peso Weakens as Investors Weigh a Leftist PresidencyBB
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador poised to claim historic victory * Peso reverses gains as early results show broad mandate

JPMorgan: More Pain From China, "2018 Looking Increasingly Like 2015"ZH

Morgan Stanley: A "Vicious Cycle" Emerged, Will Only End When Stocks DiveZH
Expecting further fallout from trade wars, Morgan Stanley now sees many ways to position for escalation, predicting that tech will be the sector most affected by the emerging "vicious cycle"

Morgan Stanley: "Something Is Afoot In Global Macro Markets"ZH
No longer can borrowers, increasingly non-financial corporations since the financial crisis, take out a loan at 2017 prices.

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones: Trading, Career and PhilanthropyYoutube
An interview with billionaire hedge fund manager and founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, Paul Tudor Jones. In this interview, Paul discusses his career in trading and his views on the market. Paul Also talks about his philanthropic efforts.

Exclusive: A leaked Trump bill to blow up the WTOBB

EU warns of $300bn hit to US over car import tariffsFT
Brussels responds to Trump’s threat, warning of global retaliation and full-blown trade war

Morgan Stanley: Markets Start Taking Trade War SeriouslyZH

Congress is About to Give Trump More not Less Trade DiscretionMarc Chandler

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

Market Briefing: Daily Markets OverviewYardeni Research

FirstFT Daily Briefing FT
Mexico election, Brussels trade retaliation, ‘ghosting’ at work

Merkel Back on the Brink Over Migration, Trump Says Cars Are Biggest Trade Weapon

WSJ EconomicsWSJ
The U.S. Economic Expansion Enters Its 10th Year…How Much Longer Does It Have?

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Third Quarter Begins With a Thump

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Showdown in Germany — Global trade for beginners — Trump and Brexit

"It's Not A Happy Start": Second Half Opens With Sea Of Red Across Global Markets

Tänään luvassa useita ostopäällikköindeksilukuja, laskevatko lukemat? | Riksbank kokoustaa tiistaina | Sekä euroalueen inflaatio että USA:n yksityisen kulutuksen pohjainflaatio kahdessa prosentissa