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Wednesday, August 1

1st Aug - Trade war worries back, Fed stands pat

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IMF warns eurozone that Greece needs more debt relief FT
Country’s long-term debt costs will be unsustainable in 20 years’ time, Brussels told

EU Calls Trade War Talks With Asia to Plot Response to Trump TariffsBB
European leaders to meet Asian counterparts in October * Sept. 20 meeting in Salzburg now seen as crunch Brexit meeting

Trade tensions, labor shortages loom over U.S. factoriesReuters
U.S. manufacturing activity slowed in July amid signs that a robust economy and import tariffs were putting pressure on the supply chain, which could hurt production in the long term.

Rates Unchanged As Expected, Upgrades Economic View To "Strong" – ZH
How the August Statement Changed From June – WSJ
Fed Looks to September – Marc Chandler
Fed Leaves Key Rate Unchanged With Economy at ‘Strong Rate’ – BB
Fed leaves rates unchanged, stays on course for September hike – Reuters

Trump’s Madman Theory of Trade Negotiations Won’t Win
A U.S.-China compromise is possible, but not like this.

Trump Can’t Split Russia From China — YetBB
As Beijing gets stronger, there may be hope for a Kissingerian maneuver.

Trump’s Outreach to Rogues Follows in Obama’s Footsteps BB
Obama changed the consensus by meeting with Castro, but Rouhani ducked the invitation.

Trump’s Allies Say He Really Wants Free Trade. Fat Chance.BB
He’s not using tariffs to expand global commerce, despite some pundits’ claims.

Editorial: Trump’s ‘Adults in the Room’ Should Stay ThereBB
There’s no shame in trying to keep the president from acting on his own worst impulses.

Trump: The destroyer of economic relationships?ING
President Trump’s penchant for shaking things up has evidently, although presumably not intentionally, spread to data relationships. What is causing this and will things ever return to 'normal'?

What Are Economists Getting Wrong Today?BB
A decade after the financial crisis that nobody saw coming, we ask economists what they might, currently, be missing.

The big flaw: auditing in crisisFT
FT series: with a cabal of auditors dominating the market and chiefs making most of the system of ‘fair value’, what can the industry do to raise standards?

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

FirstFT Daily Briefing FT

WSJ EconomicsWSJ
Trump Advisers Push for Higher Tariffs on China

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Trade and Japan Drive Markets Ahead of Stand Pat Fed

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Belgium waffles — Predicting this year’s summer crisis — Jobbik loves … the EPP?

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

Stocks Drop As Trade War Returns; Japanese Bond Rout Leads To Emergency Margin Call

Fedin tämän päivän kokous ei luultavasti tuo yllätyksiä | Tänään julkaistaan USA:n heinäkuun ISM-ostopäällikköindeksi | Euroalueen inflaatioluvut olivat hieman odotuksia paremmat, BKT-luvut taas huonommat