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Wednesday, August 1

31st Jul - Europe slows down

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Italian Economic Growth Slows to Weakest in Almost Two YearsBB
Populist government will work out budget in September * Euro-area growth slowed to 0.3%, inflation picked up

Trade worries slow growth in second-quarter, inflation up on energyReuters

Euro-Area Economy Gets Higher Inflation But Weaker Growth BB
GDP rose 0.3% in second quarter, just below median forecast * Consumer-price growth above 2% for first time since 2012

Eurozone GDP growth weakens further, inflation higher to 2.1% - ING
The Eurozone economy grew by just 0.3% QoQ in the second quarter with inflation increasing to above 2%. Any “behind the curve” thoughts that may have surfaced earlier this year can be parked

Hopes of higher inflation dented by weaker growth Nordea
Disappointing GDP data will test the ECB’s optimism that weaker growth is temporary,but higher core inflation kept up hopes of a gradual pick-up in price pressures. We still find price pressures muted and see the ECB on hold on rates for a long time.

Kuroda Tries To Pull Off A "Draghi" As He Tweaks Monetary Policy, Fails ZH

Correction Worse Than February Is Looming, Morgan Stanley SaysBB
Cyclical stocks fall behind despite strong earnings support * Tech-stock pain is just the start of more losses, bank says

Morgan Stanley: "The Selling Has Just Begun; This Correction Will Be The Biggest Since February"ZH

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT

Profits Leap at Credit Suisse and BP, BOJ Sticks to Ultra-Easy Policy

WSJ Economics WSJ
China Signals Slower Growth, Europe’s Economy Sputters

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
BOJ Prepares for QE Infinity

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Death by a thousand cuts — What presidents are reading — Go full Orbán

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

Futures Rise As Traders Digest Data Deluge After Tech Rout; Fed Looms

Euroalueelta julkaistaan tänään sekä heinäkuun alustavat inflaatioluvut että toisen vuosineljänneksen alustavat BKT-luvut | USA:sta saadaan Fedin seuraamat yksityisen kulutuksen hintaindeksit | Ruotsin BKT odotettua vahvemmassa kasvussa