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Wednesday, August 8

8th Aug - Cryptos tumbling, Russian sanctions, Saudis rattling

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As Turkey Markets Sink, Speculation of Extreme Measures SpreadsBB
Turkey's trading rooms are awash with talk of a bailout or capital controls.

Ruble Tumbles, Russian CDS Jump After Full Text Of "Crushing Sanctions" Bill LeaksZH

US yield curve and recession risk - watch the shape not the slopeING
With the 2s10s yield curve on a persistent flattening trend and dipping below 25bp last month, talk about a possible downturn in 2H19/2020 has heated up. We don't think the US curve will invert anytime soon but when it does in 2019 keep an eye on 2s5s10s - the alternative bond market recession indicator

US Sanctions Russia Over Nerve-Agent Attack on Ex-Spy in UKBB

Saudi Arabia sells off Canadian assets as dispute escalatesFT
Ottawa’s criticism over the arrest of female activist sparks strong reaction

Saudi Arabia’s furious attack on Canada shocks western alliesFT
Ottawa’s call for release of activists provokes bellicose response from Riyadh

Saudi Arabia Threatens More Retaliation Against Canada BB
Kingdom begins to sell Canadian assets in diplomatic dispute * Canada will ‘speak strongly’ on human rights, PM Trudeau says

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT

WSJ EconomicsWSJ
The U.S. Has More Job Openings Than Unemployed; Tariffs Take a Toll On Small Business

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Sterling Can't Get Out of Its Own Way, While Dollar and Yen Catch a Bid

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Too hot for transatlantic trade — No Mercs for the mullahs — Putin’s Helsinki talking points revealed

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

S&P On Verge Of History Despite Renewed Trade War Fears; Yuan, Sterling, Lira Slide

US Open RundownRANsquawk

Saksan odotettua heikommat teollisuuden tuotantoluvut toivat jatkoa heikoille tilausluvuille | USA:n tullit eivät näkyneet Kiinan viennissä heinäkuussa, uudet tullit voimaan tämän kuun lopulla | Eurotaala nousi viiden päivän laskun jälkeen