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Thursday, August 8

8th Aug - Italy gets early elections #4156

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Salvini Calls for Early Italian Election in Bid to Broaden PowerBB

Portugal lures foreigners with anti-populist environmentFT
Immigrants and residents see nation as haven from populism and division

Editorial: What Exactly Is Boris Johnson Doing?BB
Whether he’s pursuing negotiating leverage or electoral advantage, the prime minister is headed for disaster.

Why world leaders should impose green sanctionsFT
Going beyond a carbon tax.

This Might Be the Bond Market’s Dot-Com MomentBB
It’s debatable whether fixed-income assets are one big bubble waiting to burst, but when the market does turn it’s going to cause a lot of pain.

If Hong Kong Avoids a Bloody Crackdown, It Can Thank TaiwanBB
Beijing will be wary of overreacting to protests because of the effect that would have on its biggest goal: reunification with the “renegade province.”

Tech Companies Want Out of the Censorship Business BB
They shouldn’t be expected to police tightly anyway. Better to have the extremists in the public square than banning them to fester in a corner.,

Five Things to Start Your Day AsiaBB

Eco Day AsiaBB
Rock-Star Economies Flop, World Recession Fears Rise * Powell tested by bet that U.S. only needs modest easing dose * Pakistan suspends trade with India, downgrades diplomatic ties

Five Things to Start Your Day Europe BB

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Diplomacy never sleeps — No rest for Manu — Brexit chicken

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Eco Day EuropeBB
Germany’s Labor Issues, China’s Exports, Serbian Rates * U.K. government might welcome a quieter successor to Carney * Powell tested by bet that U.S. only needs modest easing dose

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
PBOC Helps Stabilize CNY, while US Equity Recovery Lifts Sentiment

Five Things to Start Your Day USBB

US Open RundownRANsquawk

Suomesta julkaistaan alustavat ulkomaankauppaluvut kesäkuulta | Saksan teollisuudesta taas negatiivinen yllätys | Intian keskuspankki (RBI) laski ohjauskorkoa 35 pisteellä