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Tuesday, July 26

26th Jul - JPY leaps

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Donald Trump takes the lead * JPY on a roll after stimulus remarks * Angry Erdogan accuses EU

Morning MarketsTF
Falling crude prices saw oil currencies head broadly lower while the Japanese yen surged ahead of Friday's BoJ meeting dragging the Nikkei lower. In commodities the discovery of a large natural gas deposit in the Bay of Bengal is set to give India's energy industry a welcome lift.

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Yen Soars Amid Stimulus Confusion and Doubts

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Daily Shot TF
Today the focus is on emerging markets. Those might sometimes be tiny but obviously since they need investors as well come with chances and risks.

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USDJPY Plunges On Japan Stimulus Concerns; US Futures Flat With As Fed Begins Meeting


FX UpdateTF
The yen leapt back to the strong side after Japan’s finance minister Taro Aso said that the government had not yet decided on the scale of stimulus. Sterling is pushing to new recent lows as a large UK bank warns business depositors on the risk of negative rates.

From the FloorTF
Stimulus in Japan might turn out smaller than foreseen - just as the effect of Pokémon Go on Nintendo. Once again it is all about expectations. The same goes for Apple where Peter Garnry is negative but less so than many other market participants.

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