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Tuesday, February 7

7th Feb - Slight hype on euro

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Barry Eichengreen: Don't Sell the Euro Short - It's Here to StayBB
Euro area Redenomination Risk – Déjà vuFT
Le Pen and Brexit Are Forcing Traders to Redraw Their European Strategy – BB

Poll Shows Merkel Losing Chancellorship; JPMorgan Stunned – ZH
'Is Germany tired of Merkel?' asks mass-selling newspaper Bild – Reuters

EU top lawyer: Belgium must grant asylum to Syrians – Politico
What Do Europeans Think About Muslim Immigration? Chatham House

Fillon Campaign Stabilizes in France After Near-Death Experience – BB

The U.K. Has a Plan to Reduce ‘Skyrocketing’ House Prices – BB

Dodd-Frank’s Tentacles Go Deep. They Won’t Be Cut Fast or EasilyBB
Trump’s order for study starts a long and complicated process * Gridlocked Congress, agency vacancies also pose road-blocks

Key Facts About Refugees And The U.S. - ZH
14 Versions Of Trump’s Presidency, From #MAGA To Impeachment – Nate Silver

BofA Sees "Head And Shoulders" Everywhere It Looks – ZH
CS: Stocks and bond yields follow Trump’s ratings – ZH
10 Years Ago Today, The Financial Crisis Started – ZH

Morning Report APACTF
EUR traded to a low of 1.0706 before rebounding and the bias is for the currency to trade lower.

Article 50 debate: British MPs begin debate on the bill that will give May the authority to start Brexit * Fillon fights on, babel fish is real

BP’s Loss Narrows, UK to Outpace G7, Retail Sales Fall

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Lower equities, lower bond yields, new German Chancellor? * US JOLTS and Chinese FX reserves today * French 10Y yield hits 5-year high relative to Germany * European currencies under pressure as equity prices drop

Morning MarketsTF
Investors have been flocking to traditional safe-havens gold and the Japanese Yen amid growing uncertainty in Europe and America with Trump bulls beginning to lose confidence in the president and the possibility of an anti-EU far-right victory in the French elections growing ever more likely.

From the FloorTF
A series of risks both economic and political, most notably the French election, have driven a wedge between French and German bond yields, as well as between the core and the periphery.

Euro wrap-upDaiwa

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe

Brussels PlaybookPolitico

10 things you need to know before the opening bellBI

S&P Futures, European Stocks Bounce As Dollar Rises Most In Two Weeks; Gold, Yen Slide


FX UpdateTF
The euro is broadly weaker after the latest developments in the French presidential campaigns seem to be driving sharply diverging bond yields with the France-Germany yield spread at its widest since 2012.

Euroalueen poliittinen epävarmuus kasvussa * Ranskan korkoero Saksaan leventynyt * Tänään julkistetaan USA:n joulukuun JOLTS-raportti * Saksan teollisuustuotannon odotetaan kasvaneen