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Monday, September 10

10th Sep - Swedish stalemate elections

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The transition to a banking union for the EMUvoxeu
A key issue is how to prioritise risk sharing and risk reduction. This column examines three possible approaches, describing the respective transition scenarios and analysing the consequences for banks during the transition phase. None of the scenarios is optimal for all countries, but waiting too long may lead to solutions needing to be found under the pressure of a new crisis.

EU’s Barnier Says Brexit Deal With U.K. ‘Realistic’ in 6-8 WeeksBB
Pound jumps though Barnier says several issues are outstanding * A deal will then go to Parliament, where it faces opposition

Italy's New Rulers Don't Come for FreeBB
Borrowing costs are way beyond “fair value” because of fiscal doubts. It’s hard to see how growth can save the day.

ECB may express optimism about wagesABN AMRO

Swedish election - Weak government is comingDanske Bank
Alliance and Red-Green blocks equal in size - SD has strong veto power * New government will be a historically weak one - first challenge to pass budget * The political risk premium in EUR/SEK may not go away just yet.

Sweden braces for political uncertainty as far right makes gainsPolitico
Anti-immigrant party falls below expectations but still hits historic high in Sunday’s election.

Sweden: A little bit less lagomNordea
Preliminary election results suggest that it may take long before a new government is in place. Likely it will be a weak government with difficulties passing reforms. We expect no changes in fiscal stance. Monetary policy should also be unaffected.

Sweden Election PlaybookPolitico
Dead heat — Far right’s mixed night — Overseas vote crucial

Sweden Headed for Political Gridlock After Inconclusive ElectionBB

Leonid Bershidsky: Sweden’s Centrists Can Celebrate, But Not Too HardBB
But the vote was a warning to centrists to do more to integrate immigrants.

The Campaign Against Europe Just Got a Boost From Swedish VotersBB
Sweden Democrats set to post biggest gains in Sunday’s vote * Anti-immigrant, nationalist groups look for succcess across EU

What next for Sweden after election nailbiter?The Local

Editorial: The Center Retreats in SwedenBB
The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats gained ground in Sunday’s election

US employment data confirms strength of economyPictet


Turkey's economy doesn't need higher interest ratesFT
But international investors want them anyways.

Mixed signals from Chinese PMIsPictet

El-Erian: Emerging-Markets Calm Is Likely to Give Way to More VolatilityBB
Neither Argentina nor Turkey has taken the steps to place their economies on a path to stability.

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

Brussels Edition DailyBB

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT

WSJ Daily EconomicsWSJ
Trade, Tariffs, Apple and Inflation. It’s Going To Be Another Busy Week

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Initial Extension of Euro and Sterling Losses Stall

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Sweden deadlock — Guy Verhofstadt wins Macron prize — Maldives affair

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

S&P Futures Bounce As World Stocks Hit By Longest Losing Streak Since Jan 2016

US Open RundownRANsquawk

Ruotsidemokraattien kannatus jäi odotuksia alemmaksi | EKP, Englannin keskuspankki ja Turkin keskuspankki kokoustavat torstaina | Tällä viikolla saadaan useita inflaatiojulkistuksia, Norjan luvut vuorossa tänään