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Tuesday, September 11

11th Sep - 10 years from the crisis

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Germany Reportedly Open to Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank Tie-upBB

A French ECB President Again? Don't Rule It Out If Germany BalksBB
Villeroy, Coeure, and Lagarde all seen as possible ECB chiefs * Draghi goes in Oct. 2019, and other EU posts are also in play

US Policy Mix ReconsideredMarc Chandler

Global: The Economics of a Hotter World Nordea
The temperature on the planet is soaring and there is plenty of evidence that humans are to blame. From a macro viewpoint, we took a look at the expected economic and financial consequences of climate change.

Can We Survive the Next Financial Crisis? BB
While banks are safer on many counts than before the crisis, the economic and political repercussions are still being felt. Leverage has shifted to companies from consumers, and some risk has migrated to shadow banks from traditional lenders. Links between shadow and mainstream banks persist, and taxpayer bailouts, though less likely, are still possible.

The Real Cost of the 2008 Financial CrisisThe New Yorker
The aftermath produced a lost decade for European economies and helped lead to the rise of anti-establishment political movements here and abroad.

Weathering the financial crisis: how seven lives were changedFT

10 years onReuters
(big multimedia work on the crisis, updated with new content during this week)

[2011] The financial crisis inquiry reportUS Government

Rebuilding lives, 10 years after Lehman's fallReuters

Cox: Too-big-to-fail bias just now fading awayReuters

After the crisis, the banks are safer but debt is a dangerFT
Economic recovery has been weak because of a massive growth in leverage

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

Brussels Edition DailyBB

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT

Copyright Fight Pits Tech Giants Against Publishers, US Economic Strength Is Red Flag for Investors

WSJ Daily EconomicsWSJ
No Breakthrough In U.S.-EU Trade Talks | Which Way for the Dollar? | Small-Business Sentiment Booms

Danske DailyDanske Bank
It is a relatively light day on the data front. Financial markets will focus on political events, such as the Brexit negotiations, where EU negotiator Michel Barnier yesterday flagged optimism about a deal in six to eight weeks' time, and the possible announcement by US President Trump of new tariffs on Chinese imports.

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Dollar May Prove Resilient if it is Turn Around Tuesday

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Weber steps back from Orbán — Commission’s Hungarian case file — Macron calls Verhofstadt’s bluff

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

Global Stocks, Futures Slide As China Shatters Trade Calm

US Open RundownRANsquawk

EU:n Brexit-neuvottelija Barnier toiveikas Brexit-sopimuksen saavuttamisesta, punta vahvistui | USA ja Kanada jatkavat Nafta-neuvotteluja tänään | Norjan pohjainflaatio kiihtyi elokuussa hieman odotuksia enemmän