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Tuesday, November 20

20th Nov - Stocks falling, near previous lows

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ECB view: Mr Draghi changes his tone, sounding less optimisticABN AMRO

The ECB’s measures of underlying inflation for the euro areavoxeu

Deutsche Bank Shares Hit Record Low On Massive Money Laundering FearsZH

Deutsche Bank, AgainGlobal Macro Monitor

Stocks Slammed Into Red For 2018 Amid Carnage In Crude, Crypto, & Credit ZH

China’s Biggest Problem Isn’t Trump. It’s China BB
Long before the trade war heated up, Beijing started cooling off its own economy.

Thailand’s No Beach Party for Investors BB
With an aging population and two lost decades in the stock market, the nation looks to have acquired a dose of the Japan blues.

Who's buying leveraged loans anyways?FT
Beyond deteriorating protections for lenders, critics have grown wary of just who is buying these loans. In recent years, it has increasingly been retail investors.

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

Brussels BriefingFT
How to classify Brexit texts - side-declarations, which are a favourite of negotiators, could pose problems for May

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT

WSJ Daily EconomicsWSJ
Is the U.S. Ready for the Next Recession?

Danske DailyDanske Bank
Sour risk sentiment amid continuing Brexit turmoil

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Equity Slide Continues

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Into the Brexit abyss — Europe hearts the euro — Italian woes

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

"A Sea Of Red": Global Stocks Plunge With Tech Shares In Freefall

Suomesta saadaan uutta tilastoa työllisyyden kehityksestä | Lisäksi Saksasta julkaistaan tuottajahinnat, Venäjältä puolestaan tilastoa työmarkkinoista | Eilen oli hiljainen päivä tilastojulkistusten osalta

Voiko Italiaa pakottaa mihinkään?Peter Nyberg