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Sunday, January 1

1st Jan - 2011 Special

First some new additions, followed by links from my earlier blog posts. No hard feelings, it was only business, never personal. This post is continually updated: latest adds are at the bottom.

- MoreLiver

To the links: 

The Year That Was, 2011 Can Turtles Fly?
Huge collection of roundups and best-of 2011’s.

A Unique Review of 2011: The Year that Wasn't!A Dash of Insight
I offer six events/decisions for your consideration.  In each case our question is:  What would have happened in the absence of the event in question?

Double-D Trouble Ahead?Pension Pulse
Don't be caught off guard, be prepared to woo her with your impressive market knowledge. Below, some conversational tidbits to help guide you.

The winds of uncertainty swept through currency markets in 2011Saxo
QE2, quake in Japan, Europe

Commodities 2011: From boom to gloomSaxo
After a strong performance during the first four months risk adversity returned, giving way to general weakness

In 2011 I Learned That…The Reformed Broker
Collection of lessons learned from various people.

As '11 Ends, 11 Charts Of 11 Disturbing 11 Year TrendsZH
The 21st century has not been pretty for ongoing centrally planned attempts to defer the 30 year overdue mean reversion.

Making Sense Of 2011The Daily Capitalist
What will 2012 bring? I don’t exactly know, but I think it will be continued economic stagnation and perhaps even negative GDP, continued high unemployment, and more quantitative easing.

Goodbye 2011The Aleph Blog
use debt to solve debt, rebellion,

2011 – Catch 22 Year in ReviewWashington’s Blog

A Year of ProtestThe Diplomat
The Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street are localized protests that still made a tremendous impact in the world this year.

The Year That Wasn’tThe Morning News
We asked our group of writers and thinkers: What was the least important event of 2011?

You thought 2011 was tough?Reuters
Shaky Europe. Political gridlock. Volatile markets.

Presenting the first-annual Wonky awardsWonkblog / WP
We recognize outstanding achievements -- and disasters -- in policy wonkery.
Matthew Norman’s review of the year (and a few predictions for 2012)The Telegraph
Riots, royal weddings, phone-hacking, the Arab Spring, the euro crisis and the PM’s 'veto’ – 2011 was crammed with at least a decade’s worth of news.

Top economists reveal their graphs of 2011 – BBC
2011 Charts of The Year – Thomson Reuters
Economic experts explain 2011 in charts – Wonkblog / WP
The Most Important Graphs of 2011 – The Atlantic
2011 revisited: charting the year – The Economist
2011 in 11 charts – Wonkblog / WP

Goldman Says Good Riddance to 2011ZH
Adverse shocks weighed on global growth in 2011…A fragile global growth picture for 2012, still vulnerable to shocks

Nothing Predicted Happened as Men Conspired With Nature in 2011BB
Rampaging natural catastrophes, global financial calamities, the deaths of despots and desperados, the passing of America’s greatest modern technical innovator and roiling protests that shook the Arab world and occupied Wall Street -- they made 2011 a year that will be remembered for its almost unrelenting turmoil.

 China’s Top 10 Business Stories in 2011Chovanec

Presenting 2011's Top 10 Most Corrupt American PoliticiansZH

Raising a Glass to 2011DealBook / NYT
Best and worst in the financial world

2011 – That Was The Year That Was – Here Is The City
Here's a quick look at what happened in the industry Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

Thomson Reuters 2011 Debt Capital Markets ReviewHere Is The City

Mark to Market - 2011 EditionMacro Man
The last year’s predictions and how things went.