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Friday, May 23

23rd May - Special: European Elections

Changing Continent: European Parliament Elections 2014WSJ

The Ultimate WSJ Guide to European Elections: One, Two, Three … VoteWSJ
Find out when you should start paying attention to European elections. We're giving you timings for first exit polls and what to watch out for in the results of individual countries.

European parliament resultsBBC


Eurovaalit YLE

VaalikoneetYle, Uusi Suomi, Helsingin Sanomat


  MAY 22
Europe at the polls - but who will actually vote?DW
On Thursday, the European elections start - in the Netherlands and Great Britain. Voting in the other EU member states is to follow and the final result will be announced Sunday night. But not many people care anymore.

European elections – EU/euro-sceptics moving forwardNordea
We shed a light on the elections to the European Parliament that start today in the UK and the Netherlands. Results will be known late Sunday evening. EU- or euro-sceptic parties are set to perform strongly. Markets are well aware, but still it could create volatility.

And the European Commission winner is… - FT

Europe's Soaring Revulsion Against "Europe" In One ChartZH
At this rate one more election and the Eurosceptics will be the single largest political block in a "United" Europe.

European Parliament elections: a final look at the national campaignsEuropp / LSE

Sarko drops a bombOpen Europe
At least half of EU powers should return to member states

  MAY 21
High importance but low interest - what to expect from the European electionsMerkelnomics

Do Europeans Really Fear Migrants?Project Syndicate
Though right-wing populists are set to make substantial gains in the upcoming European Parliament election, it would be a mistake to conclude that migrants' mere presence in Europe fuels support for extremists. On the contrary, it is the absence of effective policies to manage migration that has alienated European voters.

The EU Parliament is a failed experiment in pan-European democracyEuropp / LSE
National parliaments are the key to solving the democratic deficit

  MAY 20
European Parliament elections: a final look at the pollsEuropp / LSE
While Eurosceptic parties are predicted to significantly increase their representation, the race between the European People’s Party and the Party of European Socialists to hold the largest number of seats is still too close to call.

What happens next after the European elections? Open Europe
With the European elections taking place on Thursday through to Sunday this week, it is worth considering what happens next. The proposed Spitzenkandidaten or European Parliamentary families’ candidates for European Commission President is set to make the post-election horse-trading and politicking more fraught than usual.

Spain’s lack of openly Eurosceptic partiesEuropp / LSE
The idea of Europe still remains powerful for Spanish citizens

  MAY 19
Why EU elections can matterMacroScope / Reuters

European elections - do they matter?DB Research

Will voters turn out in the 2014 European parliamentary elections?Bruegel

Rise of the Eurosceptics; Unholy Alliance ScorecardMish’s
The next European parliament will be the most fragmented ever. Don't expect it to accomplish much of anything. On the other hand, look for center-left and center-right blocs to align, if only for the purpose of stopping the fragmented groups of Eurosceptics from achieving any real power. Meanwhile, absolutely nothing in the EU has been fixed or will be fixed. At some point, this simmering stew will boil over in a major way.

The eurozone's problems have not gone away, and elections won't change muchThe Guardian
Mainstream parties will still be in charge, and Europe will condemn itself to an even longer period of economic stagnation

  MAY 16
The Trouble with EuropeProject Syndicate
Though the Euroskeptic right may not win a majority of seats in this month's European Parliament election, its collective strength represents a blow to the cause of European unity. Why is a project that began with such high hopes in the wake of World War II running into so much resistance?

The European Parliament - a failed experiment in pan-European democracy?Open Europe

  MAY 14
Southern Europe is suspicious: the evolution of trust in the EUBruegel

The Ultimate WSJ Guide to European Elections: One, Two, Three … VoteWSJ
Find out when you should start paying attention to European elections. We're giving you timings for first exit polls and what to watch out for in the results of individual countries.

The European Parliament should be stripped of its right to increase the EU budget and veto trade agreementsOpen Europe

The European Parliament elections may be a landmark for Eurosceptics, but the EU’s future direction will be decided elsewhereEuropp / LSE

Populismin nousu on euroeliitin oma vikaJan Hurri / TalSa
Ensi viikon eurovaaleissa tyytymättömän kansan kiukkuiset äänet kasvattavat protestipuolueiden kannatusta, jos kannatuskyselyt pitävät kutinsa. Vanhat valtapuolueet pysyvät vallassa mutta entistä heikompina. Valtaeliitti pelkää ja paheksuu populismin nousua – vaikka se on euroeliitin oma vika.