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Wednesday, August 10

10th Aug - Quiet

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Die Auswirkung des Brexit-Votums auf die KonjunkturDIW

Editorial: Getting From Here to BrexitView / BB

BoE Suffers Failure On Second Day Of QEZH

Deutsche Bank Unexpectedly Found To Have Massive Capital GapZH

The ECB’s Negative Rate Policy Has Been Effective but Faces Limits IMF

Soaring Debt Has U.S. Companies as Vulnerable to Default as 2008BB


Adair Turner: Demystifying Monetary FinanceProject Syndicate
The debate about so-called helicopter money is burdened by deep fears and unnecessary confusions: some worry that monetary finance is bound to produce hyperinflation; others argue that, in terms of increasing demand and inflation, it would be no more effective than current policies. Both cannot be right.

Exclusive: BOJ review likely to defend massive stimulus program – sourcesReuters

Martin Enlund: Helicopter dreams and a Gosplan game-changerNordea
With NIRP and QE at, or approaching, their limits in some jurisdictions, market participants have begun dreaming of helicopters. We argue that rotorcraft are fiscal creatures, and as such may be ill-suited for Japan, where “wage-forcing” would be more fitting. Such a move would be a negative game-changer for the JPY, and bearish for DM bonds.

Danske DailyDanske Bank

S&P 500 hit new intraday high, USD weaker, new Norges Bank call * Financial forecast update – the summer break is over * Yields lower as BoE had difficulty buying bonds * GBP/USD went below 1.30 intraday as further BoE easing is expected

Morning MarketsTF
Sterling has resurfaced above 1.30 against the dollar but this is more an indication of a reticent greenback than any renewed strength on the part of the UK's still Brexit-afflicted floundering currency.

Euro wrap-upDaiwa

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
FX Consolidation Resolved in Favor of Weaker US Dollar

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Theresa May confirms to Danish and Dutch counterparts that UK won’t trigger Article 50 until next year * Norwegian Minister suggests country may not welcome UK into EFTA post Brexit * German research institute warns country’s GDP will fall due to “Brexit shock” * Renzi: I made a mistake in personalising the constitutional referendum * Rajoy’s chances of staying on as Spanish PM increase as Ciudadanos signals willingness to back him * May and Putin pledge to improve ties * Turkey restores ties with Russia as Denmark joins Austria in calling for ceasing of EU accession talks * Germany rejects more refugees at the border compared to last year

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Behind the Turkey-Russia reset — Selmayr’s dream job — Corbyn copies Sanders

US Futures Flat; Bonds Rise, Dollar And Oil Slide Over US Productivity Collapse Fears


From the Floor TF
Last night saw the outgoing RBA governor out with another reminder that the global economy cannot be carried on the wings of doves alone. But while all of this continual easing may be pulling many assets lower in its wake there remains one glittering exception.

Lisää tilauksia Suomeen, kiitos! * Odotettua heikommat tuottavuusluvut painoivat USA:n korot laskuun * USA:ssa pienyrittäjien luottamus nousi hieman l Punta pysyi heikentymisuralla