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Tuesday, December 6

6th Dec - After Italy, rally

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Daniel Gros: Can Trump Save the Euro?Project Syndicate
If the eurozone’s breakdown is to be avoided, it urgently needs an economic boost – one that US President-elect Donald Trump may just deliver. 

Give Greece Credit, Even Just for Treading WaterView / BB
Greek Bonds may Soon be Included in ECB Purchases – Marc Chandler

Would It Be Premature for ECB to Talk Tapering?WSJ

Renzi’s referendum, Europe’s future – Eric Lonergan
Referendum awakens the Italian banking saga – ABN AMRO
Euro, BTPs Hit On Local Reports Italy May Hold Early Elections – ZH

Editorial: The Wrong Way to Stand Up to ChinaView / BB

Goldman Sachs US Equity Strategy: "Hope"ZH

Populism shaking up mainstream economicsTF
Populism is not only shaking the foundations politically but also forcing economists to rethink their approaches to theory. Amid all the angst of the elites there is a valid role for populism in economic thinking.

The Pessimist’s Guide to 2017 BB

Global sentiment indicator supports growth scenario Pictet

Michael Lewis' Portrait of Two Men Who Changed the WorldView / BB

Danske Daily – Danske Bank

Rates defy gravity, EUR jumps, Scandi focus today * Italian PMIs rise despite political uncertainty * Rates aim higher again * EURUSD above 1.07 as Market shrugs European politics

Morning Markets TF
Equities picked up across much of Asia today with concerns about Italy pushed aside and investors focusing once more on the US commodities and local issues. In South Korea leaders of several top conglomerates faced parliament over allegations that they paid the nation's troubled president for favours. But Korean investors shrugged off the corruption probe with the Kospi Composite heading sharply higher.

Euro wrap-upDaiwa

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
You Can Almost Hear a Pin Drop

Daily Market Comment Macro Man
Euro clarity

Daily Press Summary Open Europe

Brussels PlaybookPolitico

US Open ZH
Global Stocks Rise As Oil Dips; US Stock Futures And Dollar Flat


FX UpdateTF
With perfect hindsight the market’s expectations for immediate bearish implications from the weekend’s Italian referendum were overblown. Once euro shorts all rushed for the exits at the same time the squeeze was on.

Hämeen-Anttila: Mistä populismin voima kumpuaa? HS