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Sunday, November 12

12th Nov - Weekly Support

Here are the links to the weekly roundups, reviews and also previews of the beginning week.

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Weekly Market ReviewZH
Hindenburg Omen Sighted As Stocks Suffer First Weekly Loss In 2 Months

U.S. Weekly Fund Flows ReportLipper Alpha
Conventional Funds and ETFs Take in a Net $17.5 Billion for the Week

Earnings Insight Nov 11Factset

This Week in Earnings 17Q3 | Nov 10Lipper Alpha

Stoxx 600 Earnings Outlook | Nov 7Lipper Alpha

EcoWeekBNP Paribas
A year after being elected the USA’s 45th president, Donald Trump can boast a strong economic situation...although few of his own making

Week Ahead: Where has all the inflation gone?Nordea
Inflation is once again heading lower, at least in terms of headline inflation, bringing relief to the most dovish central banks and fresh pressure on the hawkish. Next week, US and Swedish inflation numbers are up, and Euro-area growth numbers.

Weekly Focus: Low volatility in markets and global economy Danske Bank
Relatively quiet week – US and UK inflation, euro area GDP

Strategy: Low volatility favours hunt for yieldDanske Bank
Emerging markets have seen a strong run this year * Global and domestic factors should continue to be mildly supportive for EM near-term * But a slowdown in China in the coming months is a risk, as are large unfinanced tax cuts in the US, if pushing up US yields * Recent surge in oil prices is mostly driven by geopolitical concerns due to tensions in the Middle East * The longer-term growth outlooks in EM differ widely * India and the rest of EMs in South East Asia boast strong growth potential but LATAM countries and Russia have more muted longer-term outlook

Global Week AheadScotiabank

Weekly FX Sentiment ReportScotiabank

Weekly Market OutlookMoody’s
Fewer Defaults Favor Even Pricier Equities

Weekly Market CommentMarc Chandler
Dollar's Downside Correction may Not be Over, but Macro Story Still Favorable

Weekly Macro CommentMarc Chandler
There seems to be a broad consensus on the trajectory of policy in the remaining weeks of the year.