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Tuesday, November 7

7th Nov - First real red day since August

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Greece’s membership of the euro is still tenuousFT
A bare majority want to remain on the single currency -- and most of those do so out of fear rather than love.

Key ECB Policy Makers Are Said to Have Challenged QE PledgeBB
Key officials Coeure, Weidmann, Villeroy said to back shift * ECB currently plans to buy until inflation goal is in sight

Real exchange rate misalignments in the euro areaECB

Multinationals Scurry to Defuse House Tax Bill’s ‘Atomic Bomb’BB
Tax writer offers changes amid range of industry complaints * Bill aims at offshore profit-shifters, hits many others too

Yield Curve & Credit Markets Flash Red, Small Caps Slump On Tax Turmoil – ZH

Bond-Market Phenomenon Unseen Since '04 Explains Curve ConundrumBB

Stock Market Jitters Suggest Fading Optimism on Tax Cuts BB

Do Portfolio Factors or Characteristics Drive Expected Returns?Alpha Architect

A Reality Check on Stock-Market ‘Anomalies’WSJ

CIC Is Said to Join Goldman for $5 Billion U.S. Investment Fund
Private-equity fund to focus on U.S. manufacturing industry * Goldman CEO Blankfein in China this week along with Trump

Saudi Corruption Purge Snares $33 Billion of Net WorthBB
Three of the kingdom’s richest people are under arrest * Authorities say suspects are innocent until proven guilty

Saudi Arabia Says Only Private Accounts Suspended in CrackdownBB
Central bank says accounts of ‘persons of interest’ frozen * Princes, businessmen, officials arrested in anti-graft drive

Saudi mass arrests jolt markets but many see overdue swoop on corruptionReuters

Thomas Friedman: The end of the Saudi ruling family in its current formCNBC
A revolution happening in Saudi Arabia that could change the kingdom forever *  This is the new way. There's going to be one family

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
Disney’s Fox hunt, Weinstein army of spies, Snapchat’s disappearing act

Saudi Crackdown Raises Stakes for Investors, U.K. Retail Sales Fall, Time for Market Caution?

“Best of the web” daily chartsLukas Daalder

Danske Daily Danske Bank

New equity records; Chinese FX reserves ahead; EUR weakness * Negative valuation effects on China’s FX reserves, but change likely to be small Oil prices remain elevated

Morning MarketsTF
APAC share markets rose in a determined manner overnight with Australia up 1.02% Hong Kong up 1.24% and Japan up by 1.74% on the back of rising commodities prices.

Daily Market Comment – Marc Chandler

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Summit troubles — Finance ministers gather — Eurobonds

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

Global Stock Meltup Sends Nikkei To 25 Year High


Suomen vienti vahvassa vedossa * Ruotsin teollisuustuotanto kasvoi kolmannella neljänneksellä * Saksan tehdastilaukset yllättivät positiivisesti * Öljyn hinta nousi 64,27 dollariin tynnyriltä