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Monday, November 27

27th Nov - Weak USDJPY hurts stocks

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About structural unemployment in FranceBNP Paribas

Merkel Stabilizes Her Grip on Germany in Spite of EnemiesBB
FDP leader sees approval rating tumble after ditching talk * Main opposition party signaled its ready to let Merkel govern

Article 63: It’s the New Article 50 Fistful of Euros
So what’s going to happen next in Germany? It’s worth taking a look at the mechanics of how Germany elects a Chancellor.

German's Respite for Coal May End as Talks Resume With MerkelBB
Coalition hopefuls were united to cut 7GW of coal-fired power * Industry signals tacit approval of plans to close some plants

Merkel Was Ready to Back Greens on EU Pot of Money, FDP Says BB
Merkel’s support for new finance facility ‘was on the way’ * Chancellor’s leaning toward Greens was ‘part of the struggle’

Is Germany heading for another ‘Grand Coalition’?Open Europe
As the Social Democrats are opening up to coalition talks with Angela Merkel's conservative union of CDU and CSU, Open Europe's Leopold Traugott assesses the likelihood and intricacies of a possible agreement.

The GOP Tax Plan Is Entering Its Make-or-Break WeekBB
Concerns over business income and deficit effects top agenda * Senate leaders plan to hold a floor vote as early as Thursday

Senate Faces Thursday Vote Showdown In "Most Critical Week" For Tax ReformZH

Perspectives December 2017Pictet

Citi: Growing Fear Among Central Bankers They've Lost ControlZH

Citi: How Long After The Curve Inverts Does The Recession BeginZH

Muir: People Are Going To Be Wiped Out By Short-VIX ETFsZH

Why Deutsche Thinks 2017 "Was The Most Boring Year Ever"ZH
2017 will be the least volatile year ever for the vast majority of asset classes

Index Providers Rule the World—For Now, at LeastBB
Decisions about what to include are leaving some on the outs

A ‘Completely Flat’ Yield Curve and Record-Low Yields Lies Ahead in 2018BB

Morgan Stanley On Credit: "A Cycle Turn Is Closer Than Many Believe"ZH

Japanese Media Signals North Korea "Preparing Ballistic Missile Launch"ZH

Short Selling Costs and Restrictions and Profitability of AnomaliesQuantpedia
Short selling frictions cannot explain the persistence of seven prominent stock anomalies. Long-only investing is robust and profitable and can be further enhanced by using a synthetic short. Moreover, portfolios restricted to stocks that are easy to short sell continue to have large and significant short anomaly alphas. I derive cost bounds for switching between implementation methods and show that the cost associated with short anomaly positions is small relative to their profitability contribution using a proprietary database of borrowing fees. Overall, the empirical evidence does not support the implications of arbitrage asymmetry that mispricing is concentrated in short positions where it is too costly to exploit.

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
Meredith buys Time Inc, Big Pharma backs May, Casablanca 75 years on

The EU’s Threat from Without, Bitcoin in Buying Frenzy, Is OPEC Doing Too Much?

“Best of the web” daily chartsLukas Daalder

Danske DailyDanske Bank

EUR is the king of FX again, focus on Powell and Yellen this week * Credit growth data from Sweden * Super IFO makes EUR rally * Slightly higher bund yields ahead of quiet week

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Slow Start to Busy Week

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Double Irish crisis — Outside Bruges — China’s new great wall

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

US Open ZH
Stocks Whipsawed As Europe, US Futures Rebound From China Selloff; Dollar Slides


Powell puhuu tiistaina USA:n senaatissa, Yellen keskiviikkona kongressissa | Tänään julkaistaan Suomen kuluttajien luottamus | Torstaina saadaan euroalueen ja USA:n inflaatiolukuja