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Monday, November 13

13th Nov - A "V"-day

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EU Raises Specter of No Deal This Year as Brexit Talks DragBB
Barnier says U.K. has two weeks to improve its offer on bill * Davis says progress has been made across all divorce issues

What's hot in the Nordic housing markets?Nordea
In a new report, we examine the top themes currently trending in each of the Nordic housing markets and what to expect going forward.

ECB reinvestments soften taper blowABN AMRO

Vítor Constâncio: Economic recovery and the new phase of monetary policyECB

Jail, Drugs And Video Games? Why Men Are Disappearing From The Labor Force – ZH
SocGen Explains Why US Balance Sheets Are Far Worse Than They Appear – ZH
UBS: Ex-Energy, US GDP Growth Is The Slowest Since 2010 – ZH
Here’s Where the GOP Tax Plan Stands Right Now – BB

FX weekly: Is high-yield a canary in the global coal mine?Nordea
Is high-yield a canary in the global coal mine of risky assets? And what will matter most for the Swedish krona; above-Riksbank inflation or negative house price inflation in Stockholm?

Deutsche: Every Time We Asked "How Much Lower Could Vol Go”…ZH

The Gospel According to Michael Porter Institutional Investor
Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter has influenced generations of MBAs and world-famous value investors. But could his investing ideas be wrong?

Editorial: Big Banks Need to Know What They're DoingBB
Almost 10 years after the crash, information systems still aren't good enough.

10 Finance Books Worth Reading This WinterBB

FirstFT Daily Briefing FT
Russia’s UK spying, China climate blow, white supremacists in Warsaw

Pound Falls as U.K. Political Turmoil Grows, Uber Clears Way for Huge Investment

“Best of the web” daily chartsLukas Daalder

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Inflation data and central bank speeches on this week’s calendar * Higher long-term rates in the core markets * GBP weakens as domestic political scene spooked the markets

Morning MarketsTF
Sterling has fallen sharply against the dollar amid rumours of a plot to oust British PM Theresa May over her handling of the Brexit process. In equities the Nikkei 225 has taken another worrying tumble and the rest of the Asia Pacific region is forging ahead with a trade deal while the US heads in its own protectionist isolationist direction. This is a good time for pessimists.

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Sterling Trounced by Growing Political Challenges

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Malta under fire — Slovenia’s Instagram president re-elected

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

From "BTFD" To "Sell The Rip": Global Stocks Slide, Nikkei Tumbles, Pound Plunges

Frontrunning ZH

Odotamme asuntojen hintojen laskeneen Ruotsissa | Viikon tärkein julkistus on USA:n inflaatio | Epäluottamus pääministeri Mayta kohtaan kasvaa, punta heikkeni