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Thursday, January 11

11th Jan - ECB considers tightening guidance

Bill Gross said he's bearish on bonds. Most famous call in June 2007 - strong global growth outlook, yields to go higher. :)

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Eurozone industrial production strikes another high note – ING
Germany: The neverending boom – ING
German Momentum Gives Another Lift to Europe's Economic Outlook – BB

Account of the monetary policy meeting – ECB
Minutes: Upside Risks May Require Guidance Adjustment in Early 2018 – investing
EUR spikes, bunds slide after unexpectedly hawkish ECB minutes – ZH
ECB set to tweak QE guidance – ABN AMRO
Upbeat economic outlook but doubts about inflation pickup – ING
ECB Sees Chance of Shift in Stimulus Message Early This Year – BB

What a China Response to U.S. Tax Cuts Means for the Yuan
Whatever happens, expect a a drag on the Asian's nation's current-account balance and a subdued exchange rate.

China Rethink on Treasuries Is Echo of Premier's 2009 WorryBB
U.S. debt rebounds after jolt on news China may slow purchases * Then and now, few alternatives seen for investing reserves

The Daily Prophet: China (Almost) Sends Markets Into a TizzyBB

US-China relations on a concerning pathDanske Bank
China has reminded the US that it has tools to hit back at the US if protectionist measures against China are coming. It also gives a helping hand to the pragmatic camp within the US administration, which has warned Trump against triggering a trade war.

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
Bond bears, North Korean cheerleaders, Sony’s robot dog returns

Bond Selloff Ripples Through Markets, PwC Hit With India Audit Ban

“Best of the web” daily chartsLukas Daalder

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Capital Markets Calmer, Greenback Consolidates

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Budget battle — Western Saharan fish — A hamper of Great British goods

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

Bonds Bounce After China Denies "Fake News" Report; Oil Tags $64

Top 5 Things to Know in the
Talk of South Korea Ban Rattles Cryptocurrency Market * China Bond Purchases in The Spotlight * Global Stocks Steady as U.S. Treasury Sell-Off Eases * Shrinking U.S. Crude Supplies Keep Oil At 3-Year Highs * U.S. PPI Data, Fed's Dudley Speaks

Aamukatsaus Nordea
EKP:n pöytäkirja julkaistaan tänään | Tulossa myös Saksan viime vuoden BKT-luvut | Norjan inflaatio oli odotettua vahvempi

AamukatsausDanske Bank
Keskiviikon iso uutinen/teema FX markkinoilla oli raportti Kiinan harkitsevan US Treasury ostojen vähentämistä tai jopa ostojen lopettamista.

Hetemäki: Aktiivimallin toiminta, tausta ja kritiikkiVM