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Monday, January 29

29th Jan - Quiet

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Hans-Werner Sinn: The Road to a European Transfer UnionProject Syndicate
In the decade since the 2008 global financial crisis and the subsequent euro crisis, European policymakers have consistently relied on Northern European countries to foot the bill for the rest of the eurozone. But what will happen in the coming decades when Northern baby boomers retire and the coffers run dry?

Jan von Gerich: Italy - Splitting the vote
Italian elections will illustrate a country divided. Getting Italy on board in building a tighter Euro area will be difficult, while disagreements over the course ahead are huge. Markets will worry, but the worst fears are unlikely to materialise.

Contingent liabilities and non-performing loans in the EU statesEurostat

Euro Area Growth Strong But Inflation Weak
Data this week should confirm strongest GDP growth in a decade *Inflation rate seen as lowest in a year, well below ECB goal

Knot Says QE Program Must End ‘As Soon As Possible’BB
Program has done what could be expected of it, Knot says * Central bank inching toward unwinding unprecedented stimulus

ECB Officials Said To Assume QE Ends With Short Taper, Euro SlidesZH

Trump in Davos, as Our Columnists See It BB
"Trump wants globalization to be a competition. He's sure the U.S. will win, and what's good for the U.S., he says, is good for the world."

Trump Moving On to Infrastructure PushBB
Immigration and foreign policy agendas likely to be discussed * President said to seek bipartisan tone after year of conflict

Trump to Call for Bipartisan Approach in Divided Washington
President’s first State of the Union address will come at a time of considerable rancor on Capitol Hill

How Companies Are Spending Their Tax Reform WindfallZH

El-Erian: The 6 Things to Watch in This Week's Fed MeetingBB
Policy makers are likely to reinforce the expectation of three hikes this year.

Fed to drop hints about its increased optimism Pictet

Much Is Jammed Into 1 Week: Bond Traders Brace For Rollercoaster WeekZH

Goldman: "Expect A Market Correction In The Coming Months"

Making Sense Of The Mnuchin-Trump Currency War ConfusionZH

If Currency Wars Have Indeed Started, This Is What Comes NextZH

Timothy A Duy: Don't Bet Against the Fed’s Rate ForecastBB
The central bank is likely to stick to three hikes in 2018.

US dollar – up then down?Kevin Muir

Perspectives Special Edition 2018Pictet
2017 was an exceptional vintage for risk assets that will be hard for 2018 to repeat. But the environment could become increasingly favourable for active management as challenges rise and volatility increases.

This is the Way Facebook Ends (And Maybe Apple and Google)Rick Bookstaber
Regulatory backlash, self-destructive business model, social norms,

How Misfit Geeks and English Majors Transformed Wall StreetNYMAG
In the 1980s, a quiet hedge fund located above a Marxist bookstore launched a revolution that would change finance (and give us Amazon).

How many punches should Chuck Norris be allowed to throw? Scott Sumner

FirstFT Daily Briefing FT
EU tensions, HNA’s crunch, quantum leaps

Indecision Stalls Aramco’s IPO, Trump Fires Trade Barb at the EU

“Best of the web” daily chartsLukas Daalder

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
A Brief Word

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Babiš does Brussels — Cognac for Juncker — Pittella jumps ship

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

US Open ZH
Treasury Yields Are Blowing Out, Slowing Dollar Plunge


Aamukatsaus Nordea
Tänään julkaistaan USA:n yksityisen kulutuksen hinnat | Fed kokoustaa keskiviikkona | Euroalueen inflaatio on vuorossa keskiviikkona

AamukatsausDanske Bank

Valtioiden hallittu velkajärjestely esillä EMUn kehittämiskeskusteluissaEuro ja Talous
Asiantuntijaryhmä ehdottaa euroalueen rahoitusjärjestelmän arkkitehtuuria muutettavaksi niin, että jäsenvaltion hallittu velkajärjestely olisi mahdollinen.