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Wednesday, February 27

27th Feb - Quiet #4032

Macron-Style Capitalism Is Taking Over in Europe BB
Even the Dutch are getting into state intervention with the purchase of an Air France-KLM stake. It’s understandable, but bad news for investors.

Italy's Populist Insurgents Are CollapsingBB
Five Star has been humiliated in regional elections. Its coalition partners in the League are profiting, but need to get their timing right on seizing power.

20 Years of the Euro: Winners and Losers An empirical studyCEP
Parsimonious northerners are the euro's biggest winners – study – Reuters
CEP study: Germany gains most from euro introduction – DW

Eurozone loan growth to businesses dropped in JanuaryING
Loan growth to non-financial corporates dropped from 3.9% to just 3.3% year-on-year on an adjusted basis. Weaker lending reflects a more subdued investment environment as businesses are affected by downside risks and slow new orders

Eurozone economic sentiment slightly weaker in February ING
The economic sentiment indicator declined marginally from 106.3 to 106.1. Although this month’s surveys provide some encouragement, the Eurozone economy is not out of its slow growth rut just yet

Tech Can’t Drive the U.S. Economy Forever. What’s Next?BB
Probably government, led by Democrats wary of climate change and the rise of China.

Rally in Cyclical Stocks Could Be a False PositiveBB
Corporate profits are telling a different economic story.

Trump’s China Trade “Win” Will Cost the U.S.BB
The U.S. president looks likely to settle yet again for minor concessions in a high-stakes negotiation, this time with long-term consequences.

Wag the DictatorProject Syndicate
In recent decades, Russian and Chinese conglomerates have gained ever more global economic influence, making them powerful foreign-policy tools for their respective governments. But now Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping are learning that they are the tools.

Five Things to Start Your Day AsiaBB

Eco Day AsiaBB
Patient Powell, China Pickup Signs, BOE Readies Buffers * Japan may need more QE if yen jumps, ex-BOJ board member says * Trump lands in Hanoi for summit with Kim as ambitions run low

Five Things to Start Your Day EuropeBB

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

FirstFT Daily Briefing FT

Brussels BriefingFT
A fresh Franco-Dutch flare up over the fate of Air France-KLM: Netherlands builds stake in French-dominated airline to ‘protect’ national interests

Brussels EditionBB
Italy and Greece will dominate the conversation in Brussels today as the European Commission publishes a set of reports detailing the bloc’s economic challenges.

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Who’s on the Commission’s naughty list? — Peek behind Council’s veil — Brexit gymnastics

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Eco Day EuropeBB
Summit Deals, Healing Chinese Economy, Inflation Woes * Business, trade pacts being signed on sidelines of Trump-Kim * Recovery signs in China, Goldman sees global economy’s bottom

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
Dollar Trades Heavily, While Prospects of a Softer and Later Brexit Send Sterling Higher

Five Things to Start Your Day USBB

US Open RundownRANsquawk

Stocks Slide On India-Pakistan Hostilities As Traders Brace For Day Of Fireworks

Eco Day USBB
Powell Testimony, U.S. Job Participation, Italy Warning * Italy’s debt pile makes it a risk for Europe, EU warns * U.S. jobs market has some upside as disabled workers return

Aamukatsaus Nordea
May ilmoitti eilen parlamentin tulevista äänestyksistä, myös brexitin lykkääntyminen on mahdollista | Fedin Powell korosti kärsivällisyyttä | Tänään tulossa kuluttajien luottamuslukuja euroalueelta, Trump ja Kim Jong-un tapaavat Vietnamissa