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Saturday, February 9

9th Feb - Weekly Previews #4017

U.S. Weekly FundFlows Insight ReportLipperAlpha

This Week in Earnings 18Q4LipperAlpha

Earnings InsightFactset

'Bloomberg Businessweek' Full ShowBB

Week in FocusRANsquawk

Take Five: World markets themes for the week aheadReuters
Dovish central banks * Brexit and GBP * Chinese New Year ends, trade talks * Slashed growth outlook for Europe * US shutdowns and weakening macro

Key events in developed markets next weekING
We'll be watching Eurozone industrial figures with caution next week hoping to gain some insight into the length and depth of the economic slowdown. Otherwise, it'll all be about the British PM's update to UK parliament on Brexit progress next Thursday and the backlog of delayed US data releases

Eurozone: what does weakening sentiment tell us about growth?

Week Ahead Nordea
Plenty of positive news might be priced in, as political risks are on the rise * China once built a wall to keep foreigners out, now the US is building a wall to keep the Chinese in * Norwegian inflation to help keep Norges Bank the odd man out

Weekly FocusDanske Bank
US-China trade talks will continue * Q4 GDP data for Japan, Germany, UK * New government shutdown from Friday if no budget agreement

Macro Weekly: Are policymakers doing enough?ABN AMRO
The global economy continued to slow at the turn of the year and the weakness is likely to persist for a while longer * We are seeing a reaction from central banks around the world to the slowdown in economic growth * Financial conditions have eased and, perhaps helped by some lifting of policy uncertainty, momentum will improve later in the year * We doubt economic growth will improve sharply given that the actions by central banks have been relatively modest so far * The improvement in financial conditions will take time to feed through into demand

China WeeklyDanske Bank
Trump backtracks on Xi meeting, growth bottoming in Q1

Weekly Market Summary The Fat Pitch
SPX has now gained 16% since Christmas Eve, while the Nasdaq is up 19%. NDX, RUT and DJIA have now all gained 7 weeks in a row. Large, uncorrected gains like these are typically at the outer limit before a period of consolidation/retracement. That period appears to have started this week.

Weekly Market CommentMarc Chandler
Little Resolution in the Week Ahead

FX weekly: Time to care about Euro area politics againNordea
Investors started to worry about the French election in Feb-17 - two months ahead of the vote. European parliamentary elections are up in May, while Spanish turbulence could start already next week. We opt for a more defensive short USD basket.