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Sunday, August 2

2nd Aug - W/E: Linkfest


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The Last Thing the Eurozone Needs Is an Ever Closer Union FP
Germany has proved that it runs the show and writes the rules. So why is France pushing for even deeper integration?

Breaking a Taboo: Plans for Euro-Zone Tax Take Shape Spiegel
After the Greek bailout disaster, Paris, Berlin and Brussels want to reform the euro zone by creating an economic government and a special tax for the currency area. German Finance Minister Schäuble is in favor, but Chancellor Merkel is skeptical.

Jean Pisani-Ferry: Can the Euro Be Repaired?Project Syndicate
When Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister, recently tabled the option of a Greek exit from the euro, he wanted to signal that no member country could abstain from the monetary union's rules. But his initiative triggered a much broader discussion of the euro’s governance and the very rationale for its existence.

Jacob Funk Kirkegaard: Forget Exits: Europe’s Choreographed Policy OutlookPIIE
Numerous emergency summits have stabilized the continent’s outlook for at least the next year, virtually eliminating the specter of a Grexit and lowering the prospect of a British exit from the European Union. In other words, Europe’s near-term outlook is not as pessimistic as many experts say.

Churchill’s case for a “United States of EuropeCraig Willy

Spring 2015 Standard EurobarometerEC
Eurobarometer: Immigration now top issue for EuropeansCraig Willy

Some optimistic charts out of the euro areaFT

News In Charts: Rouble Under Pressure As Oil Prices FallAlpha Now

The invisible network that keeps the world runningThe Verge
Inside the humungous, algorithmically controlled matrix that supplies most of what you own

Sano jotain, Paavo LipponenKansan Uutiset

Matti Vanhanen: Yhteiskuntasopimus olisi parempi kuin devalvaatio – HS
"Yhteiskuntasopimus on parempi kuin devalvaatio, koska se ei vaikuta kulutukseen kotimaassa."

Asiantuntijan lähtöuhkaus on hyvä asia Peter Nyberg

Vaara! Vihreitä miehiä Ahvenanmaalla! – Näin se voisi tapahtua – SK
SK:n arkistoista: Kolme synkkää tulevaisuudenkuvaa Itämeren alueelta. Miten Suomen johto reagoisi?