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Friday, April 22

22nd Apr - Political W/E: Brexit, Greece

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Towards a fiscal union for the Eurozonevox

Results of the Q2 2016 ECB Survey of Professional ForecastersECB

Euro-area flash PMIs and SPF: No surprisesNordea

Report: The economic consequences of leaving the EU – CER
Brexit: Still a close race but ‘remain’ is ahead in most recent polls – Danske Bank
Barack Obama: Let me say that the EU makes Britain even greater – The Telegraph
Obama to the British people: Just say no to Brexit – Politico
Why the U.S. Doesn't Want Britain to Secede – View / BB
Why We Think Britain Is Better Off Out – View / BB
The Price Britain Would Pay for Divorcing Europe – View / BB
Losing the U.K. Wouldn't Be So Bad for Europe – View / BB

Euro rates updateNordea

Moderately dovish ECB, extended QE from Riksbank, higher yields * Euro-area PMIs to rise * Considerable steepening on the German yield curve * NOK taking a hit

Morning MarketsTF
President Barack Obama has waded into the Brexit debate in no uncertain terms overnight and given the 'remain' campaign a massive fillip as June 23 edges ever nearer.

Daily ShotTF
The US jobless rate has fallen to a 42-year low but the Fed does not seem to be taking unemployment as its key indicator. What is needed for the US central bank to move?

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Obama wades in to Brexit debate with full throated defence of the EU to fury of Leave campaigners * ECB holds policy as Draghi hits out at German critics * Steinmeier: Brexit would hugely boost populist movements within Germany * No deal on Greek bailout review expected at today’s meeting of Eurozone finance ministers * CDU/CSU at lowest level since 2011 *

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Barack and Boris brawl on Brexit — Climate climax

Kuroda To The Rescue: Stocks Rebound After Latest BOJ Rumor Sends Yen Plunging


Pankkien ja valtioiden välistä yhteyttä katkaisemassa * EKP:n kokous heilutti euroa * Riksbank laajensi arvopapereiden osto-ohjelmaa kruunun vahvistumispaineen hillitsemiseksi * Euroalueen huhtikuun ostopäällikköindeksit (PMI) nousevat hieman