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Tuesday, February 13

13th Feb - Quiet

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Tim Duy: Powell's Fed Isn't About to End the 'Greenspan Put'BB
The Fed can't allow financial markets to collapse while it frets about moral hazard.

Five Key Numbers From President Donald Trump’s 2019 BudgetWSJ

Editorial: Trump's Budget Misses the Mark BB
Its basic theme is clear, and mistaken: Deficits don't matter.

After a 10% Drop, Will Equities "V Bounce" or Double Bottom?Fat Pitch
Corrections during bull markets have had a strong propensity to form a double bottom. Since 1980, only 16% of corrections have had a "V bounce" where the low was never revisited.

Robert Burgess: Normal Makes a Comeback in the Stock MarketBB

VIX Manipulation Costs Investors Billions, Whistle-Blower SaysBB
Flaw lets traders whip VIX around without trading, letter says *     Wild trading session last week turned spotlight on Cboe index

The Short-Vol Trade: Someone Forgot to Turn Off the MachineMacro Man

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
Zuma’s marching orders, Obama portraits, how to reject $1bn

Spotlight Swings on Passive Funds, Republicans Ditch Austerity

WSJ Economics WSJ
Spending, Deficits and the Economy | Inflation Watch | Trump Floats a Trade Tax

“Best of the web” daily chartsLukas Daalder

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
Tuesday's Two Developments

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Macrenzi bromance — Italian election cheat sheet — Playbook changes

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

Futures Slide As Global Stock Rally Fizzles Hit By Soaring Yen


Aamukatsaus Nordea
Tänään saadaan inflaatiodataa Isosta-Britanniasta | Tanskan inflaatio hidastui | Korkomarkkinoilla hiljaista

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