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Thursday, February 22

22nd Feb - Rally attempt

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Germany’s political identity crisisOpen Europe
A major shift is taking place in Berlin, Open Europe's Leopold Traugott writes in Politico. Parties across the spectrum will have to reinvent to survive.

How Martin Selmayr became EU’s top (un)civil servantPolitico
Juncker’s right-hand man consolidated power in typical style.

Not Content With France, Macron Has a Plan to Take on All EuropeBB
French president seeks to create pan-European political system * His party, Republic on the Move, positions for EU elections

Editorial: A Latvian Test for the European Central BankBB
The ECB should acknowledge what's at stake in dealing with the scandal.

ECB View: Major changes in communication not before JuneABN AMRO

Germany: February ifo Business Climate Index Fallscesifo

How Trump Doomed His Own Infrastructure PlanBB
His trillion dollar dream lacked support within the White House and among Republicans.

The Risks of Pro-Cyclical PolicyMarc Chandler

The recession of 2012-13 and the taper tantrumDavid Andolfatto  

ECB to Blame for Surge in U.S. Yields? Timing Is Suggestive BB
Massive bond purchases by ECB pushed investors into Treasuries * Yields have climbed on signals of ECB reining in stimulus

If You Believe Quants, Nothing Happened in Markets This MonthBB
Quant equity factors like momentum show no impact from turmoil * Performance signals tired bull market in late-stage economy

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
Unilever’s Brexit, the Garlic Girls, Myanmar’s crisis of democracy

Barclays to Double Dividend Despite Loss, Amazon Is Taking Over the Stock Market

WSJ EconomicsWSJ
The Fed’s Improving Outlook | Businesses Work Harder to Find Employees | Productivity Boost Around the Corner?

“Best of the web” daily chartsLukas Daalder

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
All Eyes on Equities

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Dawn of the Selmayr Era — EU27 summit prep — Europe’s waste headache

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day BB

S&P Futures Rebound As Dollar Rally Ends, Yields Drop

Aamukatsaus Nordea
Päivän tärkein julkistus on EKP:n pöytäkirjat | Euroalueen ostopäällikköindeksit yllättivät alaspäin | USA:n korot nousussa Fedin pöytäkirjan ajamana

Aamukatsaus Danske Bank