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Wednesday, February 14

14th Feb - "Strong" CPI, weak retail sales: Stocks go "V"

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Charts: How European Banks Are Dealing With Bad-Loan ProblemBB
For European banks, it’s a headache that just won’t go away: the 944 billion euros ($1.17 trillion) of non-performing loans that’s weighing down their balance sheets.

‘The Schulz’ takes his leavePolitico
Martin Schulz bows out as SPD leader, leaving his party in a mess.

Italy's Northern League dangles EU exit in election campaignReuters

Editorial: Don't Be Complacent About Italy's ElectionsBB
The country's public debt is a threat to global financial stability.

IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation with the United Kingdom – IMF
United Kingdom: Article IV Consultation – IMF
United Kingdom : Selected Issues – IMF
UK Economy Must Get More Efficient – IMF

Industrial production up by 0.4% in euro area – Eurostat
GDP up by 0.6% in both euro area and EU28 – Eurostat
Germany: Solid growth, fragile politics – ING

US inflation - a dip before three?ING
Lower US inflation may help calm markets, but this drop will be temporary. Three percent inflation looks possible by summer

Trump's Tax Plan Will Make It Harder To Analyze Corporate EarningsZH

Consumer Prices Rise More Than Forecast on Apparel Costs – BB
January Consumer Price Index up more than expected – Reuters
Consumer Prices Top Forecasts, Sending Markets Tumbling – BB
Wage Growth? Real Hourly Earnings Are Slowing Notably – ZH
Retail Sales Unexpectedly Fall After December Revised Down – BB
Retail Sales decreased 0.3% in January – Bill McBride
Key Measures Show Inflation Increased in January – Bill McBride
CPI high surprises, Retail sales slow Jan, downward revisions - Daiwa
CPI: Underlying pick-up in inflation not as severe as it seems – Pictet
US data surprises boost rate hike prospects – ING

Matthew Levine: No One Has Any Idea What Goes On in a BankBB
Insiders aren't any better than outsiders when it comes to trading their own stock.

Why Wednesday Could Be a Huge Day for the VIXBB
VIX Crashes Back Below 20 After Futures ExpirationZH

Deutsche Bank: asset price "An Interesting Chart On CPI Day..."ZH

Fading Ray – Bridgewater’s European shortsKevin Muir

Stocks Shrug Off Inflation Scare But Bond Yields Extend SpikeZH

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
Israel’s dilemma, Premier League dive, Dyson’s £2bn gamble

The ‘Fear Index’ Faces Probe, White House Considers Mester for the Fed’s No. 2

WSJ EconomicsWSJ
Trump Eyes New Tariffs and Quotas | Will Inflation Perk Up? | Record Household Debt

“Best of the web” daily chartsLukas Daalder

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
Investors Remain Uneasy even as Equities Stabilize

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Ministers sideline MEPs on EMF — Oxfam’s growing nightmare — Croatian PM interview

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

US Futures, Global Stocks Rise Before The "Most Important CPI Print Ever"


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Päivän mielenkiintoisin julkaisu on USA:n inflaatio | Ruotsissa Riksbank kokoustaa ja pitää rahapolitiikan ennallaan | Odotamme Ruotsin asuntohintojen jatkaneen laskuaan

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