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Thursday, February 1

1st Feb - Stock losses in Europe, yields higher

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Peter Praet: Economic developments in the euro areaECB

Editorial: Trump’s Offer to DemocratsWSJ
His agenda has plenty of room for bipartisan compromise.

Editorial: The House Memo, the FBI and FISAWSJ
Progressives suddenly don’t care about wiretap applications.

What Is ‘The Memo,’ and Why Is Washington Abuzz?BB

5 Things to Watch in the January Jobs Report – WSJ
January Employment Preview – Bill McBride
US Manufacturing: ISM and Markit point to different directions – ZH

US dollar: down but not outPictet
Recent US dollar weakness has many causes—but the Trump tax cuts and a more hawkish Fed should boost the greenback’s attractiveness in the coming months.

Albert Edwards: "It Feels Similar To Just Before The 1987 crash"ZH

Kolanovic: "Clients Are Asking If This Selloff Will Make The Quants Puke"ZH

Deutsche Bank Sees Contagion Risk Growing in Financial MarketsBB
Correlation among stocks, bonds and oil rising to cycle highs * Stretched positions make assets vulnerable for a reversal

You Should Never Time The Market?Lance Roberts

Bitcoin Hits 2018 Low as Concerns Mount on Regulation, ViabilityBB
After reaching a record high of $19,511 on Dec. 18, Bitcoin has lost more half its value as the digital token has been weighed down by expectations of more government oversight globally, fears of price manipulation, the susceptibility of exchanges to hacking and lingering concern that it’s all just an asset bubble.

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
EU plotting, Ikea unpacked, Attenborough’s message to Xi

Yellen’s Unappreciated Legacy, Facebook Users Trim 50 Million Hours a Day, Deficits Dent US Bonds

WSJ Economics
The Treasury and Debt | Jobs Report In Focus | The Fed Holds Steady

“Best of the web” daily chartsLukas Daalder

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Fed's Hawkish Hold Keeps Dollar Consolidation Intact

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Spitzenkandidat at risk — Brussels boosts libidos — Italy makes (another) play for EMA

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

Welcome To The Post-Yellen Era: Futures Flat, Yields Blow Out, Dollar Stumbles


Aamukatsaus Nordea
USA:sta julkaistaan teollisuuden luottamus | Euroalueen inflaatio ei pettänyt | Fed piti rahapolitiikkaansa ennallaan

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