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Sunday, February 25

25th Feb - Weekly Support

Here are the links to the weekly roundups, reviews and also previews of the beginning week.

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Weekly Market ReviewZH
Bonds Break 7-Week Losing Streak As Fed Balance Sheet Tumbles Most In 6 Years

Earnings Insight | Feb 23Factset

US Weekly FundFlows | Feb 23 Lipper Alpha
All Four Fund Macro-Groups Take in Net New Money for the Week

This Week in Earnings 17Q4 | Feb 23 Lipper Alpha

Key events in developed markets next weekING
US: Will the new Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, lead the Fed to increase its interest rate hike forecast for this year? * Eurozone: insights into the inflation puzzle * Germany: will the SPD join a grand coalition with Merkel's CDU? * Sweden: expect a softening of growth

Fiscal reflation in a full employment economy makes it very likely that the US current account deficit will increase alongside the budget deficit. Despite rising bond yields, fueled by the prospect of increasing budget deficits and monetary tightening, the dollar has weakened. A possible interpretation is that the privilege of the dollar as a reserve currency is under pressure.
Week Ahead: Will Powell be political? Nordea
Dollar at an important juncture * Expect more global macro disappointments * Transatlantic inflation and Fed’s Powell in focus

Weekly Focus: Storm calmed despite US inflation shockDanske Bank
US: PCE inflation, Fed chair Powell’s hearing * EZ: February inflation

Weekly Strategy: Reluctant Fed supports higher EUR/USDDanske Bank
European PMIs support our view that the growth acceleration phase is over * Global growth is set
to remain strong, supporting equities * Trump is slowly getting more protectionist with a looming
decision on steel and aluminium tariffs/quotas * The Fed is more confident in its economic outlook, not more hawkish, at least for now * Yields are set to move higher and we target EUR/USD at 1.28 in 12M.

Global Week AheadScotiabank
US: Powell’s testimony and economic data * EZ: inflation data

Weekly FX Sentiment ReportScotiabank

Weekly Market OutlookMoody’s
Borrowing Restraint Elsewhere Makes Room for Federal Debt Surge

Macro Weekly ABN AMRO
Range of eurozone confidence indicators show weakness in February but it is too little to get concerned over * Korean exports affected by Chinese New Year * US indicators looking good.

Weekly Market CommentMarc Chandler
Can Bonds and the Dollar Recover Together?

G10 FX Week Ahead: Powell’s big debutING
Jerome Powell delivers his first monetary policy testimony as Fed Chair on Tuesday. His remarks should re-assure the market that the Fed is going to deliver at least three hikes this year. This may keep the dollar supported, while European political risk on March 4th could see the euro start to underperform.