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Sunday, February 4

4th Feb - Weekly Support

Here are the links to the weekly roundups, reviews and also previews of the beginning week.

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Weekly Market ReviewZH
Turmoil: Dow's Biggest Point Rout Since Lehman; Bonds, Bitcoin Crash

Earnings Insight | Feb 2Factset

US Weekly FundFlows | Feb 1 Lipper Alpha
Long-Term Assets Attract Inflows for the Week

This Week in Earnings 17Q4 | Feb 02Lipper Alpha

S&P 500 Earnings Dashboard | Jan 31Lipper Alpha

Key things to watch in Developed Markets next week ING
US: jobs report and Fed speakers * UK: an eye on the Bank of England * Germany: look out for politics * Norway: GDP, CPI and a potential December hike

BNP Paribas
Historically, a rising rate environment in the US has been a matter of concern for developing economies * It seems that this time is different: despite rising US yields, emerging market currencies have strengthened * This has contributed to a weakening of the effective exchange rate
of the dollar and an easing of financial conditions in the US

Week Ahead: Goldilocks, interrupted Nordea
Euro-area mini-tantrum continues * Equity markets not so elated anymore * Is Sweden a canary in the European coalmine?

Weekly Focus: Politics and central banks in focus Danske Bank

Weekly Strategy: Don't throw out the inflation baby with the capital tideDanske Bank
Reflation belief has fuelled central bank ‘normalisation’ pricing but is it too early? * Maybe but central banks are set to move slowly on rates in any case * The Bank of Japan, SNB and Riksbank are particularly wary of not throwing the 'baby out with the bath water’in this context * Movements in both level and slope of yield curves plus hedging costs are key to understanding cross-border capital flows as ‘normalisation’ unfolds * EU fixed income may become increasingly attractive relative to the US and eventually lure capital back to Europe. EUR support should follow.

Global Week AheadScotiabank
US: Risk of another government shutdown, Fed-speak, earnings and limited data risk on an active calendar over the coming week * Europe: central bank decisions, ECB nomination that may shed further  light on the competition to reshape the central bank’s leadership including President Draghi’s successor, ongoing Brexit-related politics, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition negotiations.

Weekly FX Sentiment ReportScotiabank

Macro Weekly: Bond market sell-off ABN AMRO
Government bond yields have risen significantly * The last leg of QE * Pricing in of policy rate hikes * Rising inflation expectations and risk premiums

Weekly Market CommentMarc Chandler
Dollar Correction Spurred by Sell-Off in Stocks and Bonds

Weekly Macro CommentMarc Chandler
Changing Fortunes in the Capital Markets or Long Overdue Correction?

FX Weekly: Hawkish spectaclesNordea
Friday’s US job report added fuel to the fire for the current hawkish market sentiment, but is there any more room to the upside for USD rates? The current hawkish sentiment could also be tested by a dovish Bank of England this week.