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Monday, October 29

29th Oct - Weekly Previews

What Happened This Week in the World EconomyBB

Take Five: World markets themes for the week ahead Reuters

What explains the increase in equity market volatility?

Week Ahead: No discount for optimists Nordea
Cyclical equities continue to sell off, while the 10yr treasury yield is floored due to a hawkish Fed. No discount factor aid for equities in sight. In the Euro area, weak inflation, scrawny PMIs and Italian budget woes didn’t shake Draghi’s course.

Weekly Focus: Central bank optimism despite growth risksDanske Bank
Europe: Italian budget fight, October inflation * US: payrolls

Global Week AheadScotiabank

Weekly Market OutlookMoody’s
Financial Liquidity Withstands Equity Volatility for Now

Weekly Market SummaryThe Fat Pitch
US equities are down 10% from their all-time highs just 5 weeks ago. The trend in equities has turned bearish, and that is not something that should be taken lightly. The evidence pointing to a major top being formed has further increased. But the set up for higher prices, at least before a significantly lower low, appears to be very strong. This is not a certainty, but it is a high probability.

Weekly Market CommentMarc Chandler
Has a USD Correction Begun?

Weekly Macro CommentMarc Chandler
Thumbnail Sketch of Six Things to Monitor This Week

FX WeeklyNordea
Next week, three different flow-factors suggest a solid USD-performance. Allow us to present HIA, SOMA and REBA-days. On the contrary China is exporting disinflationary impulses, which could prove to be an issue for the USD down the road.

G10 FX week ahead: Looking pretty bleak ING
The US economy looks to be hitting new heights, while Europe remains once again plagued by politics. Throw into the mix the strongest US wage growth figures since the global financial crisis - and it's hard to see the US dollar not remaining bid in the near-term. The only thing to caution is that much of this story is already priced into global FX markets.