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Wednesday, October 3

3rd Oct - Italy folds, Trump exposed

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$1 Trillion Flowed Through Estonia, Dwarfing Danske Bank ScandalBB
Estonian central bank sheds new light on cross-border dealings * Figures reveal extent of potential laundering issues in Europe

A Warning Sign on Italy's Euro MembershipBB
Investors are buying more insurance against a return to the Lira. It raises questions about why the same isn’t being seen for other euro countries.,

Populists May Grant Concessions to EU on Deficit: Italy UpdateBB

Italy Folds To Europe, Pledges To Shrink Budget Deficit To 2.0%; Euro SurgesZH

What Will Make The Fed Hike Faster, Pause Or End The CycleZH
Thoughts from Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank

Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His FatherNYT

Trump Borrowed Even His Shtick From His Father BB
Personal mythmaking runs in the family.

Fred Trump's Tax Scheme Was Quite ImpressiveBB
For sheer brazenness, it would be hard to beat.

Chinese PMI data points to further growth moderationPictet
China’s manufacturing PMIs softened further in September, indicating that growth momentum is likely continued to moderate in Q3 and that the weakness may extend into Q4. In response to the weakening growth momentum, especially in the context of escalating trade tensions with the US, the Chinese government has turned to policy easing since June.

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

Brussels Edition DailyBB

Brussels BriefingFT
Brussels flexes its muscles after money laundering scandals * The European Commission’s latest step is to crackdown on Malta

Eco Day EuropeBB
Global Central Banks, U.K. Services, Nafta Drama

FirstFT Daily Briefing FT

WSJ Daily Economics WSJ
Amazon Lifts Minimum Wage | ‘Extraordinary Times’ for the Fed | U.S.-China Talks Back On?

Danske DailyDanske Bank
Italian and UK politics take centre  stage again

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Euro, Sterling and Yen Stabilize, while Antipodean Currencies Extend Losses

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Italy, show us your numbers — China’s back — Gérard Collomb’s explosive resignation

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

Eco Day US BB
Italy Bows, Fed Sees Muted Prices, Central Bank Guide

Market Rebound Fades As Italian Budget Details Emerge

US Open RundownRANsquawk

Turkista saadaan tänään syyskuun inflaatioluvut, heikentynyt liira lisää inflaatiopaineita | Italia pitäytyy budjetissaan, sijoittajien huolet edelleen voimissaan | Eurotaala laski alimmilleen kuuteen viikkoon