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Tuesday, October 9

9th Oct - IMF lowers outlook, rising yields, trade, Italy

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Squaring off over the Italian budgetPictet
The Italian government has confirmed its deficit target at 2.4% of GDP for 2019.

Italy: Testing the limitsNordea
Worries about Italy have picked up again as the government defies both the EU fiscal rules and signals from financial markets. Despite the rough ride, we find that the Italian debt load remains sustainable, albeit barely. Many risks still lie ahead.

Italy: Temporary fiscal push in 2019, but afterwards?ING
The stated unwillingness to resume the structural adjustment path and very optimistic growth assumptions in the NADEF raise doubts about debt/GDP developments. A more conciliatory post-2019 and a constructive debate on the contents of the budget might yet limit damages inflating market concerns

Global Growth Plateaus as Economic Risks MaterializeIMF
Uncertainty over trade policy is becoming a drag on economic activity

Ferdinando Giugliano: ‘Trumponomics’ Takes a Heavy Toll on the WorldBB
IMF report shows the impact of U.S. tax cuts and tariffs on global growth and emerging markets.

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

Brussels Edition DailyBB

Brussels BriefingFT

FirstFT Daily Briefing FT

WSJ Daily EconomicsWSJ
IMF Downgrades Global Growth | China’s Yuan Stumbles | U.S.-China Relations Getting Frostier

Danske DailyDanske Bank
IMF cuts global growth estimate on trade jitters

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
A (Short) Reprieve For China while the Dollar Stays Firm

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Juncker the dancing king — Nixing single-use plastics — Germany’s reality check

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB

Eco Day BB
Trump's Yuan Worries, Nobel Winners, BOJ's Next Move

US Open ZH
Futures Tumble As 10Y Yield Hits Fresh 7-Year High, Italian Rout Hits Europe

US Open RundownRANsquawk

Tänään julkaistaan Suomen ulkomaankaupan alustavat tilastot elokuulta | Brasilian real vahvistui presidentinvaalien ensimmäisen kierroksen tulosten myötä | Sijoittajia huolettivat nousseet korot, turvasatamavaluutoista oli kysyntää