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Wednesday, September 7

9/11 Articles, past and present

Collection of links to interesting 9/11 features from magazines, think tank papers etc. I've found on the net. These are serious links, all conspiracy buffs are more than welcome to keep out of my blog.

A Good Death – The Epicurean Dealmaker

Stiglitz: price of wars trillions of dollars, still coming disability pays, war trauma, collateral damage (divorces etc), suicides. Total cost of wars per U.S. households an estimated $23,000, America’s military, economy and fiscal weakened for a generation. “It pays to think before acting.” 
The Price of 9/11 – Project Syndicate

Ten years on - The Economist

The costs of war – The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Remembering 9-11 – Thomson Reuters

Dispersing the Terrorist Storm – Project Syndicate

Nye, former assistant secretary of defense, talks about “one trillion or more”, but finishes with Eisenhower’s advice: “Do not get involved in land wars of occupation, and focus on maintaining the strength of the American economy.” 
Ten Years after the Mouse Roared – Project Syndicate

10 years after, 38 past articles from the magazine.

Tons to read
The Encyclopedia of 9/11New York Mag

Voice tapes from the day. Be advised: disturbing

“But there is no event so plain and clear that a determined human being can't find ambiguity in it.”

Speechless – The New Yorker

Robert Moir, at the time at Merril Lynch

CFTC lawyer Stephen Obie was in the north tower when the first plane hit.

Then eSpeed executive Joseph Noviello was working from home on the day.

Ten Lost Years – Spiegel

New York Moves On – Project Syndicate

Ladies First, Women Last – Project Syndicate

Saudi Arabia’s Decade of Denial – Project Syndicate

Bin Laden Made News, Not History – Project Syndicate

From 9/11 to the Arab Spring – Project Syndicate

The Spirit of September 12 – Project Syndicate

Pakistan after 9/11 – Project Syndicate