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Friday, September 9

9th Sep Early - Impeccably broken

Summary: Financial Time’s blog on emerging countries beyondbrics had an entry featuring Greece. So now it is official – Greece has become an emerging country. Yesterday’s last link collection had some gems. Follow me on Twitter!

Joke of the day: “Jean-Claude Trichet set the tone by refusing to hand out candy and unicorns to the market” – MarketBeat WSJ

News roundups:
Friday Watch – Between The Hedges
News That Matters – The Trader


** A Greek T-bill oddity – alphaville FT

Spiegel Online has compiled an overview of the most pressing issues.

Overview of what the newspapers and magazines are saying

"European integration is the only option."

Remarks on ECB, BoE, Obama, G7
Halfway through hope – Macro Man

“failure to remember what our fathers learned…I’m an economist, and it seems that we need some kind of sociologist to solve our profession's problems.”
** The Profession and the Crisis – Krugman / Eastern Economic Journal

Credit raters and the IIFinance say what their funders want
You Get What You Pay For – Economix / NYT

Obama’s Jobs Program:
Obama on Jobs – A Dash of Insight
The 2011 Stimulus Proposal – The Street Light
Obama's jobs speech: A call to action – Free exchange / The Economist
** Setting Their Hair on Fire – Paul Krugman / NYT

Bernanke’s Speech
Fed Watch: Ben Speaks – Economist’s View

Emerging Europe: Economic Review Aug –

Middle East/Africa: Economic Review Aug –

HFT and Market Impact – The Trader

Regular summit today, STRATFOR’s comments

P.K got the jobs proposal 8 hours ahead, and felt like an insider, but: “Trivial scoop..what really matters is the kind of analysis that anyone with access to the web can do.”
** Trivial Secrets – Krugman / NYT